Shareholder Voting

Secure online voting

proxy voting, direct voting

BigPulse performs superbly as a shareholder voting technology. Weight votes by shares held and use first-past-the-post, cumulative, STV preferential or other methods .

Secure, efficient shareholder online voting

  • Big cost savings
  • Live automated vote counting
  • No more missing votes
  • Secure automatic vote receipt
  • Transparent vote verification and audit webpage

Transparent integrity

The transparent vote verification webpage invented by BigPulse means that all voters can self-audit the vote counts and verify the accurate recording of their own votes with ease. It's a level of security and transparency not heard of with paper voting.

Full description: BigPulse web-based voting technology.
An IT project manager voting in the PMI IT & Telecom SIG annual board elections said,

"Absolutely flawless implementation of a complex process in all respects. Easy to use and totally understandable. It was simplicity defined. Whoever set this up really knew what they were doing. It captured what the SIG is all about "Information Technology and Telecommunications"!! My hat is off to you guys."

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