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2009 Wood Neighborhood

Report date: Friday 22 September 2023 14:37 EDT

Wood Neighborhood At Large Representative

As at Poll close: Friday 20 February 2009 22:00 EST
Number of voters: 213 · Group size: 0 · Percentage voted: 0
Vote counting method: V3 STV IWeight: 1000 3A Take ceiling of weighted quota. 4A Elected must reach quota. 6C After each distribution elect any candidates that reached quota and exclude a candidate only after all surpluses are distributed. Transfer value: 9H Uniform transfer (exhausts votes with weights below an adapted transfer threshold). Now redundant do not use. Tie breaker: 10A Look-back on weighted votes. 10C Random selection. 10D Placard default sort order.
Quota: 106.500 · Random seed: 18927
Winners ranked by order of victory. Showing accumulated votes in each count after distribution of preferences.
Rank Elected and Excluded Candidate Count1
1 Elected in count1
Lane Wang 213.000
Assigned ID of the candidate with distributed surplus
Loss by fraction 0.000
Exhausted ballot value 0.000
Off the table

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