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NARALO Vote on Revised Operating Principles

Report date: Thursday 22 September 2011 20:28 UTC

NARALO Vote on the first revision of the Operating Principles

As at Poll close: Saturday 02 October 2010 01:00 UTC
Number of voters: 20 · Group size: 23 · Percentage voted: 86.96
Ranked by votes
Rank Candidate Votes% Voters
1 Yes 1995.00 Beau Brendler, Annalisa Roger, Eduardo Diaz, Chris Grundemann, Alan Skuce, Evan Leibovitch, Louis Houle, Robert Guerra, Sylvia Caras, Glenn McKnight, Monique Chartrand, Michael Maranda, Randy Glass, Darlene Thompson, Seth Reiss, John Levine, Gareth Shearman, Joly MacFie, Myles Braithwaite
2 Abstain 15.00 Ted Ernst
3 No 00.00

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