Opinion Markets — another BigPulse invention

The magic of Opinion Markets is that everyone has freedom of expression yet a concise representative group voice is visible at all times – understood at a glance. No other group communication system can achieve this.

Invented by BigPulse, Opinion Markets combine the diversity of a free floating discussion forum with the precision of a democratic vote. It's an organic polling process that works without pre-structured questions or surveys. Opinions are harvested and ranked live, automatically.

  • Everyone has equal control over the voting agenda
  • Everyone can see the group voice at all times
  • Everyone can speak at the same time
  • Everyone is engaged, the group is connected.

Opinion Market polls harvest opinions directly and continuously – no waiting to be asked. The idea transcends the problem of knowing which questions to ask, when to ask and how to structure them.

Opinion Markets can operate as stand alone, permanent or temporary forums. They can also be attached to conventional surveys.

How Opinion Market polls work

Opinion Market are interactive, continuous and transparent voting forums. A forum is opened with a topic and a list of alternative concise one line opinions, ideas or issues relevant to the forum topic appear in a leaderboard. Anyone admitted to the forum can add to the voting list with a "write-in". All voting options compete for votes and are ranked live by votes for all to see.

People can visit the forum any time and vote again to express their changing priorities through time. Only the last vote for each person is counted in the vote tally so there is no risk of corrupting the forum regardless of how often people vote.

In a true Opinion Market the vote counts are transparent to the whole group like a show of hands. However, less transparent configurations can be used. For example, vote counts can be visible to the forum administrators only or even anonymous.

Technology features

See technology features.

Subscription fee

The BigPulse service is available under a three, six and 12-month subscription. The fee depends on the number of voting accounts and, in the case of the fully managed service, the number of forums. The fee formula includes volume discounts. See our instant fee calculator.

More information

Request our electronic brochures and a test vote.

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