Short Story Contest

Here's how it works:

1) You register as a voter. You can't vote without registering, but your information is secure, won't be used for anything by anyone except to insure you don't try to vote more than once. If you want, you can also sign up for Loose Id's Idbits newsletter, but you're not required to do so. If you registered last week, you won't need to do so again, just go directly to the polls.

2) Once you've registered, you'll receive a confirmation email. Verify your email address and you'll be taken to a voting page for the first poll.

3) The Terrific Two have been arranged into tournament brackets, as in college basketball. And you must vote for only one.

4) Your votes are tallied automatically and at Romantic Times Convention, we'll announce our winner. Who will be the number one?

5) Each week two voters will be chosen at random to receive a VIP Membership from Loose Id to thank you all for participating in the judging of this March Madness contest.

The final judging is an overview of the story's "portfolio". We've giving you the author, the title, the genre, and the description as written by the author (spelling errors were corrected but no other changes were made) to give you the same context you'd have when buying a book. Minus the cover, of course.

We're also showing you all three excerpts previously reviewed.

What we'd like you to keep in mind when voting is:

* is there chemistry between these characters?
* do I want to know what happens next?
* do I expect the sex between them to be hot?
* would I keep reading?
* is the story of publishable quality?
* if I had a gift certificate that I had to spend on one of these two stories, which would I choose?

Please keep in mind that your genre preferences, while they affect which story you'd be more apt to buy, shouldn't affect the other questions. And, while that may impact what you'd most like to read, we hope you'll consider the quality of the story itself rather than the simple elements pairings or genres when you make your final vote.

Ever wanted to tell us what to publish more of? Here's your chance. Vote for your favorite and join the Madness!

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