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Use this calculator for the self-managed fee. If your require a managed service please request a managed service quote.

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Self-managed service
Self-managed fee:

Run as many elections or polls as you want in the subscription term. The fee shown in this calculator includes reasonable support. That is, we assume the person using the self-managed service is skilled at learning new software. People competent for the task will not require training and our standard fee does not cover training costs.

BigPulse has exceptional rapid response email support. Phone support is offered on the rare occasion that email support has not quickly resolved an issue (but not for subscriptions less than $US500). Additional fees apply for nomination polls, 360 surveys and some intensive applications.

Managed service
BigPulse has a highly efficient project management technology for managed service clients. Request a managed service quote.

Payment terms
Pay on invoice. Visa or MasterCard accepted for the three or six months options: AUD, EURO, GBP, USD.

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