Client Testimonials

BigPulse has a diverse range of clients in many countries and industries using the BigPulse web-based voting technology for online elections, employee and member votes, online surveys and interactive Opinion Market polls. BigPulse is also used for processing paper votes and surveys.

Our clients include leading universities, professional associations, NGOs, small and large companies, trade associations, peak body groups, leading law firms and accounting firms, chambers of commerce, publishers, unions, clubs, market researchers and hundreds of schools in our education projects.

Some of our clients manage the web-based BigPulse Poll Manager themselves assisted by our support team. Others use our fully managed service. Either way we enjoy offering a high quality service invariably beyond the expectation of our clients.

We have listed below just a few or our testimonials. These are typical of the satisfaction expressed by all our clients.

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Dan Monteleone, A.S. assistant director of elections, California State University, Northridge, California

"We’ve tried various online systems over the years. None of them were successful, until we began using BigPulse in Fall 2009." Nov 10.

Steve DeLuca, Information Technology Systems Analyst, Associated Students, California State University, Northridge, California

Thank you BigPulse for the time and effort in bringing a simple, flawless, and most of all, a successful election application to California State University, Northridge and the Associated Students. We are very grateful. It has been a pleasure to work with BigPulse." Nov 09.

Richard H. Haller, Executive Director Associated Students, Incorporated California State University, Long Beach, California

"I was exceptionally pleased with the elections and with the technology and service provided by BigPulse."

Andy Gwilliam, Sheffield Students' Union, University of Sheffield, England

"A large, versatile, well written piece of software run by a company with helpful and responsive support that no doubt contributed to the increase in voter turnout for our annual Students' Union elections."

Emile Callahan, Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) California State University, Bakersfield

"Thank you for the excellent customer service that you provided us during our first ever on-line election. We were able to increase our participation by over 200 students bringing our voter population to 13% and we credit this to BigPulse. The convenience of logging in from their email was very pleasing to our students especially those who take evening classes. Thanks once again for your assistance and we are looking forward to next year's election."

La Keishia Childers, Communications Director, Associated Students of California Baptist University (ASCBU), California

"The ASCBU commends BigPulse electronic voting for a job well done! We are delighted to have received the service from BigPulse; as it has increased our voter turn out, made voting more accessible to a number of students, guaranteed accuracy and efficiency and has been of great service not only to the ASCBU office, but to the entire student body".

Heather Davis, Assistant Director — Student Activities, Winston-Salem State University, North Carolina

"Using BigPulse was wonderful! It kept the election process honest. The students were able to view the photos of the candidates and navigate with ease through the polls in which they were authorized to vote. The staff of BigPulse were always there if we had questions and most importantly the BigPulse staff never stopped working to make our election process more user friendly even while the voting process was taking place. Lastly, the reports created from the BigPulse system are great and extremely useful. We have been able to review data on several things such as students opinions of the online voting process, how many students participated and which students did not, to name just a few. BigPulse is definitely a system that we will be using for our upcoming poll needs."

Anne Livermore, Assistant Director for Student Technical Services, Brandeis University Student Union, Massachusetts

"I am so thankful that we chose BigPulse for our University's Student Union election needs. BigPulse is feature-rich and easy to use, and the staff are exceptionally knowledgeable and responsive. Our first round of elections went without a hitch and voter comments were overwhelmingly positive. BigPulse earns my highest recommendation!"

Shezan Zarook, Chairperson of Elections, Student Government Association, Marymount University, Arlington, VA

" provided us a great product, with great service at a great price. We are glad that we picked BigPulse after considering other providers. Online voting was a big hit on campus and the students loved the easy voting system that was provided by BigPulse. I would highly recommend this service to any organization."

Timothy Sarkela, Polling Coordinator, Associated Students of Saint Martin's University, Lacey, WA

"The Elections Committee is very pleased with the turnout this year. We have had the best turnout and the smoothest election in recent memory. We at the Elections Committee would like to thank BigPulse for making our dream of an unchallenged election a reality."

Delton R. Gordon, Assistant Director of College Advancement for Student Life, K-State University, Kansas

"As a branch campus it is difficult at times to modify an election system from the entire university to meet the needs of a much smaller population. gave us the opportunity to create, monitor, and post our elections with great ease and for a fraction of the cost. The courteous service alone is worth every penny we spent on our elections. With the service and the web interface BigPulse offers, I hope this is a partnership we can continue for a long time. Thanks so much!"

Carl Joseph, Manager, Applications & Web Development, Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne

"BigPulse has been incredibly responsive in helping us to create and securely manage the School's SRC election process. I would highly recommend BigPulse for any voting needs in any organisation. Their responsiveness and willingness to meet our requirements have been fantastic."


Robert Peet, President, International Association for Vegetation Science, North Carolina

"We were delighted with the service that BigPulse provided and will certainly use them in the future. Our organization is challenging in several ways. One component is election of 40 persons from a slate of around 100, all with bios. Another is that our membership currently spans 82 countries. Nonetheless, everything went seamlessly. BigPulse did the work in a very efficient and timely manner. In our previous election we used paper ballots and had an 11 percent return rate. With BigPulse we jumped immediately to a 57 percent return rate. We recommend them without reservation." August 2011

Wendy Davidson, Manager, Information Technology Services, Ontario College of Pharmacists, Ontario

"Several years ago the Ontario College of Pharmacists investigated online systems to support our member election and voting processes, as well as member surveys. We were looking for one that would meet our requirements and support the standards we needed to meet as a regulatory body. Big Pulse more than met our requirements … their system is stable, secure and exceptionally flexible, and the staff at Big Pulse provide exemplary customer service and support. Big Pulse is one of the best companies we have worked with and we highly recommend their applications and services." June 2011

Helen Loverdos, Manager, Executive Office & Board Administration, Canadian Pharmacists Association, Ontario

"We used BigPulse to implement electronic voting for our Board member elections. We originally thought the job was going to be daunting but after working with representatives of BigPulse, we realized that it wasn’t going to be difficult. BigPulse was there every step of the way for implementation and testing. The system is very easy to use and the feedback we have received from our members is excellent." June 2011

Chris Rigel, Director of Programs and Operations, Society of Environmental Journalists, Pennsylvania

“At this point I couldn't live without BigPulse!” March, 2011

Sandra Morris, Assistant Manager, Information Services, Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver

"The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver used BigPulse for the first time for our recent 2011 elections. This was a very critical election for us because it was the first time that electronic voting was allowed for our Board of Directors. We needed to combine this new election process with the elections for our geographical and commercial division directors. Those elections have been conducted electronically for a number of years but dealing with the results was always a bit cumbersome. We required a system that would allow us to run several divisional elections concurrently with the Board of Directors election, with different voter groups for each election, and an easy way to see our results at the end. BigPulse was able to provide this for us. We chose their managed service and it all worked very well, including a custom “bridge” they built between our user authentication system and their voting system. BigPulse was willing and able to accommodate every request we made in a very timely way. On counting day, we had our results as soon as the polls closed, and the time required to tally and record the results decreased from several hours and many people to just a few people and less than 30 minutes! The feedback we received from our members, the voters, was all positive. We were very happy with how smoothly it all went and I can’t thank BigPulse enough for being a big part of a very successful new process." March 2011

Fergal Cunningham, RIPE NCC, Amsterdam

We used BigPulse for the first time in 2009 to carry out our Executive Board elections and we were delighted with the service we received. BigPulse were able to tailor their system for our very specific requirements for an electorate that covered more than 80 countries across all time zones. The level of support we received from BigPulse's staff was second to none, being timely, efficient and extremely professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending BigPulse.

Christine Bower, Passport Scheme Administrator, British Olympic Association, UK

"This was our first on-line vote and BigPulse helped make it easy for us with their advice, support and flexibility. The Feedback from our voters was that the site was quick and easy to use."

Michael Peitz, CAE, Executive Director, Educational Theater Association, Ohio

"Our experience with BigPulse has been nothing but Top Notch! You have answered questions quickly and responded to requests nearly immediately. I am a BigPulse raving fan." September, 2009.

Brendon Smith, Willy Street Grocery Co-op, Madison, Wisconsin

"We needed to offer online voting to our members. After a lot of research we decided on BigPulse as our provider and were extremely pleased with the results. They got us started quickly but with exactly the voter interface we were looking for. The election went smoothly, we saw a significant increase in voter turnout, overall our members loved the system, and BigPulse got us the results even earlier than promised. We will definitely use them in the future." August, 2009.

Natalie Devlin, Faculty Association of California Community Colleges, California

"I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful service we received during our Board of Governors elections. The entire process went smoothly and we received excellent feedback from our members. BigPulse was so accommodating, responsive and easy to work with, we will definitely use your services again in the future. The assurance that our election process was secure and confidential made all the difference. I would recommend BigPulse to any organization looking for online election services."

Charlie Thiem, Chief Financial Officer, Health Care Compliance Association, Minneapolis

"The BigPulse online voting technology is as impressive as your advertisements claim. The real-time ability to track the voting and know the results of the election at the time the “polls” closed was a real plus. Finally, we received many comments from the HCCA Board and membership describing how impressed they were with our new method for the HCCA Board elections. As one individual put it “once again, HCCA has identified a superb way to serve its members”.

Barry Snashall, State Manager, Australian Computer Society Inc (Queensland),

"We used BigPulse for the first time in 2007 to conduct the elections for our 2008 Branch Executive Committee. With excellent guidance and support from BigPulse we were quickly able to set up the system through its easy to follow menus. The ‘Help’ section in BigPulse also gave clear and concise directions when some guidance was needed. We had a three fold increase in votes compared to the old paper intensive system used in 2006 and there was a massive reduction in staff time preparing voting papers for hard mailing and finally in the counting of votes. We are committed to e-voting from this day on and would highly commend BigPulse to anyone thinking of proceeding down this pat."

Miles Dee, President, Colorado Rock Products Association, Colorado

"I researched more than a half dozen on-line polling companies in order to find a company that could provide a service which would be competitive, yet supply the value and assistance that we were looking for. I found that with BigPulse. I must say the service BigPulse provided exceeded my expectations. BigPulse's direct involvement with advice in regards to content, timing and follow up was extremely helpful. Working with BigPulse I found that the responsiveness to phone calls and email enquiries was immediate. Your service was instrumental in assisting our group with meeting the timing of this project. It was truly an exceptional and easy process to experience. I sincerely recommend BigPulse to any group that desires to efficiently gather information."

Carol Smith, IT Manager, Southeastern Library Network, Atlanta, Georgia

"This is the first year we held elections electronically. Our members expressed how easy the site was to navigate. And voter turnout was higher than ever. BigPulse was an effective, cost efficient way to conduct electronic voting."

John Mortimer, Secretary, Society of Pension Consultants, UK

"BigPulse responds efficiently and flexibly to all our requirements and has proved to be a very valuable aid in our communication with our members."

Ion Drumea, PMP from PMI IT & Telecom SIG

"PMI IT & Telecom SIG used BigPulse for our 2006 elections, and will use BigPulse again next year. Our voter turnout doubled, and many of our members commented how easy it was to vote this time. The process was very smooth, all votes were counted live, automatically. We did not have to worry about security and risk of repeat voting. The support service was excellent and the fee very competitive."

Hilary Landorf, PhD, Secretary and Treasurer, CIES Secretariat

Hilary Landorf, PhD, Secretary and Treasurer, CIES Secretariat "CIES holds elections every year for miscellaneous positions. As the CIES Secretary and Treasurer, I am very pleased with the services that BigPulse provided for us this year. Our members expressed much satisfaction and our voting turnout increased greatly. Last year, out of the 1345 members, 286 electronic ballots and 8 paper ballots were returned. With BigPulse, we received 465 votes this year, and we had a more systematic and organized way to send and receive paper ballots from bounced-back emails and members without an email account.

"BigPulse staff were always very cordial and understood CIES needs. BigPulse worked closely and effectively with the CIES Secretariat staff and replied to members' technical difficulties promptly, and kept us informed of the elections' progress in a clear and professional manner.

"I highly recommend BigPulse to other organizations or institutions, and it is very likely that CIES will request their services for next year's elections."

The Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), Inc., was founded in 1956 to foster cross-cultural understanding, scholarship, academic achievement and societal development through the international study of educational ideas, systems, and practices. The Society's (domestic and foreign) members include more than 1300 academics, practitioners, and students from around the world. Their professional work is built on cross-disciplinary interests and expertise as historians, sociologists, economists, psychologists, anthropologists, and educators. The Society also includes approximately 1300 institutional members, primarily academic libraries and international organizations.

Government and Corporate

Joanna Cardy, Project Manager, CORGI, UK

We instigated a new online voting system for our industry product awards via BigPulse and were extremely impressed by the BigPulse service from start to finish. BigPulse were extremely quick to respond to all requests, provided constant up-dates during the voting period – throughout the process no problem was too big or too small. I would definitely recommend BigPulse to any organisation/company seeking a secure, fair and reliable voting system, and look forward to working with them in the future.

Rhonda Bauer, Administrative Secretary, Minnesota Government Engineers Council

"Our election went very well and we received positive comments about how easy it was to vote. We had a record number of voters, 74%, which is excellent. Thank you for your assistance and for instantly knowing the answers to my questions."

Scott Cohen, CEO, Parco Merged Media Corp, Maine

"This was the easiest and most highly attended vote the corporation has run in its six year history. The ease of use and recordable documentation makes this method of voting valuable."

Allie McKnight, CMO & CTO, Loose Id, Nevada

"When I had an idea for a contest modeled after college sports tournaments, it seemed simple, straightforward, something that could be set up with a few clicks of a mouse. I had no idea what I was getting into. BigPulse was there to help. Start to finish, they listened to my needs, gave a competitive price, worked with me to make sure everything happened the way I wanted it every week. When there were mistakes, they worked overtime to fix them, and they did it fast and, best still, politely. The contest was a success – and so is BigPulse."

Human Resources Professionals and Management Consultants

Samara Duncalf, HR Officer, VicUrban, Melbourne, Australia

"The service from BigPulse was simply second to none. Every query, no matter how minor, was explained in detail and to my delight, I was able to make a last minute amendment. The ballot email was straight-forward, tailored to my specifications and easy to use. I would highly recommend BigPulse for any organisation with a voting requirement."

Kenneth E. Jackson, Ph.D., Jackson, Wong & Associates, Inc., Georgia

"When the vendor I have been using for 10 years to conduct an annual 360 performance feedback survey told me they were no longer supporting their software, I had to find another vendor fast! I had only a short time to learn new software, get the survey set up and sent out, analyze the results and prepare reports. Fortunately, I found BigPulse. The customer support I received in setting up and monitoring the survey and the technical support that `customized' the survey process to meet my client's needs were amazing. I have never received such competent, friendly and professional assistance. I just completed the project on time and within budget. Thank you BigPulse for your system and your service!"

David Braithwaite, Managing Director QIA Consulting, North Yorkshire, UK

Designing and using the survey was easy, the simple guides are clear and really user friendly. Best of all is the support I received, this was second to none. The reporting package gave me the results in the format I wanted, tailored to my requirements. I would certainly recommend BigPulse and will certainly use them again."

K-12 Schools

Allen Koker, Student Council Advisor, Westfall local School District, Ohio

"I would recommend School Poll to any school thinking about using an online voting system. We are already recommending it to other schools in our county. We've used School Poll for various elections. We had no delays in voting, even when we had 40 students on separate computers voting at once. The instant results page is excellent and it means no more counting paper ballots. Also, the ability to upload images is very useful. We will use this soon so that students who may not know candidates by name will recognise them from their pictures. Overall School Poll is practical, very secure and the students really like it. We also found technical support to be excellent, we usually get straight through to someone or if not they would call back within 10 minutes."

Joey Thomas, Assistant Principal, Midland Senior High School, Midland, TX

" is an excellent tool that allows our campus to improve instruction through collaboration with faculty, students, parents, and the community."

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