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Smart-Managed Electronic Voting Service

Trusted high security Online Voting System

BigPulse excels with difficult and complex high security online voting and electronic elections where no others can satisfy.

Flexible feature-rich online voting technology

High security, high performance online elections

  • Eighteen years dedicated online voting experience
  • Over 12 million online votes harvested
  • Over 90,000 secure polling events in 30,000 polling groups
  • Over a thousand clients in 35 countries
  • Not a single vote lost or miscounted
  • The highest standard Vote Verification Protocol
  • All technology developed in-house by our permanent fulltime brilliant engineers
  • Outstanding client testimonials
  • High security anonymous or transparent online voting system.

Nomination polls

The entire nomination process can now be managed online. This includes candidate/nominee details such as platforms/bios, pictures, any attachments, nominators/seconders and their confirmations. Like the online vote it saves time, effort and expense. more..

Efficient, cost effective, tree friendly voting

Expert in high security online voting

BigPulse is meticulous about all aspects of security and risk management. Security is much more than 256 bit TLS/SSL encryption. It means many things such as voter authentication, data protection, vote integrity, secure anonymous voting, server reliability, access controls and much more. For more information request our security document.

Transparent integrity

The transparent vote verification webpage invented by BigPulse means that all voters can self-audit the vote counts and verify the accurate recording of their own votes with ease. It's a level of security and transparency that's impossible with old style paper voting.

Increased voter turnout

Frequently our clients experience a 50 to 100 per cent increase in voter turnout. Voters respond to the convenience of online voting, ease of use and vote reminders sent to people who have not voted.

Ready for online voting in 24 hours

Your online election, referendum or award vote can be launched at short notice, often within 24 hours. However once launched there is no need to rush. You can leave the online vote harvest open for many days allowing everyone a chance to vote online at a convenient time and place.

Save time, money and effort

Run high security online elections and avoid all the cost, effort and expense of printing, posting and counting paper ballots. People can vote online from anywhere. The result is known immediately after vote close.

Web-based, fully hosted and independent

Your online polls are hosted on our secure servers which means you have:
  • No software to install or maintain
  • No data backups to worry about
  • Access to the latest version of the technology at all times
  • The security of an independently managed server and service.

Managed or self-managed

You can ask BigPulse to manage your online vote. Alternately you can use the web-based BigPulse Poll Manager to manage your own online elections and online polls.

Fantastic 24 hour support

BigPulse is based in USA, Canada, UK, Australia. It means we can offer 24 hour high quality support. Many comment on the responsiveness of our support service and it's all included in a fixed all inclusive fee.

Integrated polling

Use exactly the same technology or managed service for online elections, online nomination polls, competition and award voting, shareholder voting, surveys and interactive Opinion Markets.

Feature summary

The most feature-rich online voting system known. Many hundreds of configuration switches. The list below is a small sample.

  • Highly secure, accurate, no risk from repeat voting
  • Multi-factor voter authentication
  • Automated candidate nomination, acceptance and platform harvesting
  • Automated voter registration or bulk voting account generation
  • Secure anonymous online voting or transparent online voting when appropriate
  • First past the post, Single Transferable Vote (STV) – proportional representation, preferential and optional preferential, instant runoff – shareholder weighted voting, cumulative voting, range voting and more
  • Many voter authentication methods including all common single sign-on (SSO) remote authentication methods
  • Transparent audit, vote verification
  • Auto sign-in link option with integrated bulk email manager
  • Send reminder emails to people who have not yet voted in selected polls
  • Accept candidate write-ins with ease and count write-in votes automatically
  • Control undervotes and overvotes automatically
  • Create separate polls for different groups with secure partitions
  • Show candidate pictures in the online ballot
  • Use popdown candidate bios, statements and platforms in the online ballot
  • Place poll links in an online menu page
  • See all votes counted live, or locked down until after poll close
  • Sophisticated auditing and vote verifications tools
  • Multi-language
  • Candidate rotation option – no candidate disadvantaged by ballot position
  • Browser and email vote receipts
  • Customize ballot appearance including fonts, logos and banners
  • Sophisticated multi-poll management
  • Change vote option
  • Sophisticated paper ballot and proxy input with double entry option
  • Multi-user poll administration
  • Suitable for visually disabled, ADA 508/Section 508 compliance
  • Mobile friendly
  • Data download for independent analysis
  • Much more.

Technology features expanded list

Note: This list is an illustration only, most features are not listed here.
Intuitive and easy to use The web-based BigPulse Poll Manager is intuitive with easy to navigate popdown menus.
Template polls and setup wizard Create new polls in seconds and choose from a list of template polls with various security and transparency settings or create your own templates. The poll templates do not restrict you in any way. While some templates provide convenient fully formed polls, which can be launched in seconds, you can edit the wording and tailor the settings of any poll at any time from the poll configuration menu.
Vote counting and ballot methods
  1. First-past-the-post, (FPTP) also known as plurality or simple majority voting. This means the candidate with the most votes wins.
  2. Instant runoff voting (IRV). See STV below.
  3. Single Transferable Vote (STV), preferential, ranked voting, proportional representation. Instant runoff is the special case of STV with one winner. STV is a form of preferential voting that produces proportional representation in multi-seat elections. Use optional or compulsory ranking of a set number of candidates. Preferences are transferred and distributed automatically to produce winners. Many switches to cater for variations in STV counting methods. BigPulse has extensive experience with STV. more ..
  4. Range voting. Voters rate each candidate or option separately on a scale.
  5. Cumulative voting. Each voter has a quota of votes which can be concentrated on one candidate or split across several candidates. This method of voting is used widely in corporate governance.
  6. Ranked votes with predefined weights for each ranking. For example rank 1 = five points, 2 = three points 1= one point. Sum the points and lowest or highest score wins. You have complete flexibility to set the number of rankings permitted in the ballot and the weight for each ranking.
  7. Weighted voting and split voting. Shareholder AGM voting is common use for weighted votes. The same voter can have different weights in different polls enabling elections in many companies with overlapping shareholders. Split voting can be offered with weighted voting. This enables selected voters to act as proxy for other voters.
  8. Candidate grouping and winner constraints. Candidates can also be grouped into categories and a minimum number of winners allocated to each category.
Controlling who can vote and partitioning voters into groups Group your voters and polls into as many different voting groups or clusters as you wish. You decide which polls each group of voters can access.

Voting accounts can be created in four different ways:

  1. Generate voting accounts. With this authentication method the online voting accounts are generated before people are invited to vote. You can set the sign-in names and passwords and other personal details such as name and email address with a single simple block copy and paste from a spreadsheet or CSV file upload. Alternately, generate the sign-in names and passwords automatically with random characters. If emails are included the integrated bulk email manager can be used to send people vote invitations with auto sign-in links to your polls or poll menus with a tailored timeout. The emails are created in your usual email composer and can be configured to appear to come directly from you. This method is particularly easy for the voters – people just click the link in the email and the ballot opens in the browser signed in ready to vote.
  2. Link from your website. This method can be used to run secure online votes, ballots or polls, hosted independently on the BigPulse servers, without passing any personal details of your members to the BigPulse server. This method can be used if people have existing sign-in names and passwords used to access your website or another website. A seamless auto sign-in link to your polls is placed in the website. The voting accounts are created automatically as people click the poll link. It’s highly secure, only authorized people can vote and access is not dependent on email security. On repeat visits people are matched up to the same BigPulse voting account automatically.
  3. Remote authentication. This is another way to use existing sign-in names and passwords. With this method you invite people to sign in directly at the sign-in page of the online ballot using their existing sign-in details. You provide a special URL that BigPulse can access to authenticate the users' sign-in details.
  4. Issue access PINs and invite people to register to vote. You can issue voting PINs and invite people to create their own sign-in name the first time they visit a poll. This method is particularly useful when people already have a personal ID number and none of the above methods are convenient. You simply block copy the PIN list into your BigPulse Poll Manager and activate the register link in the poll.
Secure anonymous online voting to fully transparent online voting The vote transparency options are another illustration of the extreme versatility of BigPulse. Voting can be absolutely anonymous or fully transparent like a show of hands or various shades in between.
  1. Absolute anonymous vote storage. This means there is nothing in the database linking the vote to the voter.
  2. Anonymous voting. This setting means no one sees how each person votes however the votes are linked the user voting accounts in the database which means the change vote feature can be used.
  3. Transparent voting. This means the poll administrators can see how each person votes.
  4. Fully transparent voting. This means everyone can see how each person votes – like a show of hands.
Multi-language online voting Suitable for any language and all languages simultaneously. The polls default to the preferred language of the user automatically. Users can also choose their preferred language of display.
Certified ADA section 508 compliant Alternative means of access suitable for visually disabled.
Overvotes and undervotes Overvotes and undervotes are controlled or prevented automatically. You can also force people to overvote with a 1 2 3 type numbering of candidates. In this case permitted votes are allocated automatically even when a candidate is subsequently removed. You can use this overvote technique to avoid unnecessary by-elections or to enable candidates to run for two simultaneous elections when only one office can he held.
Integrated bulk emailer Vote initiation emails are composed in your usual email composer then uploaded into your BigPulse bulk email manager. The email manager can be used to send personalized vote invitation emails that include an automatic sign-in link to your polls or poll menu. This method enables a high degree of control over who can vote. Yet voters do not need to remember or even know their sign-in details – just click and vote.
Write-ins and polling for nominations Our write-in solution is elegant and complete. Undervotes and overvotes are controlled automatically even when write-in candidates are permitted, write-in votes are counted automatically, as with approved candidates, and the vote change feature works for write-ins too.The same technology can be used to poll for nominations.
Vote open and close dates Set the vote open and close date and time in your own time zone. The voting will open and close automatically at these times.
Candidate rotation You can use candidate rotation to eliminate any bias caused by the order of presentation of the candidates in the ballot. This means the candidates are rotated upwards by one position in the ballot for each new person who signs in to vote. The candidate order is remembered for each voter so the ballot is presented the same way to each voter at all times.
Candidate bio page A convenient dropdown bio or platform page can be attached to the name of each candidate in the online ballot. Allow candidates to upload and edit their own platform and bio page.
Display candidate pictures, videos, MP3s Upload a picture, video or MP3 for each candidate.
Votes counted live All votes are counted live automatically. Your appointed poll administrators can view the live counts in the online ballots and in the poll result reports.
Create separate polls for different groups Sometimes you might want to restrict voting in some polls to selected people or groups. This is easy to do with BigPulse.
Poll menu All election polls can appear in an online menu which can be linked from your website. When voters view the poll menu, they can see which polls they have already voted in.
Vote receipt A vote receipt page can be displayed immediately after the vote and can also be sent by email to the voter – option to consolidate receipts from many polls into one display or a single email.
Run many online election polls simultaneously Run many online election polls at the same time with ease. Selected polls can be linked so that voters are led through the poll menu automatically, seeing only those polls they are permitted to vote in.
View who votes See who has voted at any time except for polls using the highest level anonymity setting.
Send reminder emails Send reminder emails to those people who have not yet voted.
Sophisticated paper ballots and proxy votes Input paper ballots, proxy holders and their proxy votes with ease. Option to use double entry to eliminate data entry errors.
Multi-user administration You can nominate people to be part of your support team. These people have access to your online Poll Manager and appear in a support team list in your Poll Manager webpage. You can add and remove people from this support team. You can also tailor the access permissions for each support person.
Display top ranked candidates in the ballot You can choose to show the current leading candidates in the ballot based on live vote counts. This is sometimes used in award voting. For example, display the top three candidates in the online ballot, ranked live by votes or listed alphabetically. Alternately you can allow everyone to see the vote counts live as the online ballot as the poll progresses. This feature is popular with award voting.
Repeat voting and changing votes Repeat voting is another optional feature. This enables people to return and change their vote a set number of times in each poll before the poll close date. Repeat voting never corrupts the vote count because only the last vote for each person is counted in the vote tally. This feature can be used in all polls except those using the absolute anonymity setting.
Download vote history data for audits and graphical analysis You can download the raw vote data and import it into a spreadsheet or other application for audits or graphical analysis. When using anonymous voting this does not compromise the anonymity of voters
Poll result reports and cross-tabulated vote filters You can invent tailored selectors which can be used to filter vote results by region, category, division or any grouping you want. Results can be viewed for each grouping separately or in cross-tabulated form.
Outstanding support service Clients tell us our support service is fantastic. Of course if you take the fully managed service we operate the web-based Poll Manager for you. With the self-managed service you can count on us any time you need help.
Online elections, online surveys and Opinion Markets Exactly the same technology is used for secure online elections, online surveys and continuous interactive Opinion Markets. All your polling is integrated in the same system. This means people need only one voting account to access your online election and survey polls.

Electronic voting terminology

Various descriptions are used for electronic voting, including: on-line voting, online voting, evoting, e-voting, Internet voting, web voting, vote on-line.

The technology may be referred to as: online voting system, electronic voting system, voting software, web-based voting, online voting tool, online voting software.

The supplier may be referred to as: election service provider, election company, election companies, proxy voting services, proxy voting service, voting service, voting services, election services.

Subscription fee

The BigPulse service is available under a three, six and 12-month subscription. The fee depends on the number of voting accounts and, in the case of the fully managed service, the number of polls and elections. Volume discounts. See our transparent fee calculator.

More information

Request our electronic brochures and a test vote.

Integrated online voting

  • Elections
  • Nomination polls
  • Workplace votes
  • Protected Action Ballots
  • Enterprise Agreement Ballots
  • Shareholder votes
  • Awards and contests
Ariel Liang, Policy Analyst, At-Large end user community at ICAAN – Global regulating body for domain registrations, Washington D.C. said,

"We have conducted more than 500 polls (since 2007). BigPulse has impressed us with its thoroughness and sophistication," July 2015.
Dan Monteleone, A.S. assistant director of elections, California State University, Northridge, California. said,

"We’ve tried various online systems over the years. None of them were successful, until we began using BigPulse in Fall 2009."
Fergal Cunningham, RIPE NCC, Amsterdam ,

"We used BigPulse for the first time in 2009 to carry out our Executive Board elections and we were delighted with the service we received.

BigPulse were able to tailor their system for our very specific requirements for an electorate that covered more than 80 countries across all time zones.

The level of support we received from BigPulse's staff was second to none, being timely, efficient and extremely professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending BigPulse."
An IT project manager voting in the PMI IT & Telecom SIG annual board elections said,

"Absolutely flawless implementation of a complex process in all respects. Easy to use and totally understandable.

It was simplicity defined. Whoever set this up really knew what they were doing.

It captured what the SIG is all about "Information Technology and Telecommunications"!! My hat is off to you guys."
Christine Bower, Passport Scheme Administrator, British Olympic Association said,

"This was our first on-line vote and BigPulse helped make it easy for us with their advice, support and flexibility. The Feedback from our voters was that the site was quick and easy to use."
Anne Livermore, Assistant Director for Student Technical Services, Brandeis University Student Union, Massachusetts said,

"I am so thankful that we chose BigPulse for our University's Student Union election needs. BigPulse is feature-rich and easy to use, and the staff are exceptionally knowledgeable and responsive.

Our first round of elections went without a hitch and voter comments were overwhelmingly positive. BigPulse earns my highest recommendation!"

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