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Poll Group: Future Leaders Committee Election 2024 - Blue rotation

Poll: Future Leaders Committee Election 2024 - Blue rotation
Gemma Kruger

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I am a proud member of the current FLC. One of my priorities within the FLC has been to promote the values of friendship and community within our initiatives. Having worked in regional and metropolitan firms, I experienced the challenges of practising as a young lawyer in these environments. I learned firsthand how connectedness and building friendships within the legal community is crucial for not only improving professionally and working collaboratively for the mutual benefit of our clients, but most importantly, for enjoying working as a lawyer.

I practise in family and relationship law at Lander & Rogers and outside of work hours you'll find me at the pool, enjoying live music, or at the footy. I have enjoyed and remain committed to dedicating time and effort to the FLC and believe I can continue to meaningfully contribute to bringing the committee's ideas and projects to life.
Maria Mansi

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Throughout my practice in construction law, I’ve advocated for the integration of technology to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Queensland is currently experiencing an infrastructure boom. I envision a future where AI and blockchain technologies play a pivotal role in contract management and dispute resolution, reducing the time, costs and impact on the community. Outside the legal profession, I have a keen interest in music and yoga, which provide a necessary balance to my professional life. As a member of the Future Leaders’ Lawyers Committee, I aim to champion the use of technology in law, making legal services more accessible and efficient. I believe that my unique blend of legal expertise and passion for technology will bring a perspective to the committee that is current and relevant, and contribute to the committee’s objectives and future direction. I look forward to the opportunity to make a difference.
Nikki Ball

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I am a family law solicitor working at North Queensland Women's Legal Service in Townsville. I started working at a private firm before moving into a Community Legal Centre in 2022. I have predominately practiced in the areas of family law, child protection and domestic violence. I am proud of working in a community legal centre providing duty lawyer services at the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia and Magistrate Court. My passion is helping vulnerable women as one of our high-risk case work solicitors. In 2023 I started travelling to Mt Isa, Charters Towers, and Ingham to provide legal services to the wider community. I currently sit as a representative with CLELAF and will begin my Masters in Family Law with the College of Law in May 2024. If elected to QLS Future Leaders Committee I will be a voice for junior family lawyers in regional North Queensland.
Ashley Anand

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I am a civil lawyer with experience both in defendant and plaintiff practice. I am presently an Associate, working in the insurance and health space. My professional achievements have been recognised in the Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 Awards where I am named as a finalist in the insurance category. I am Secretary of the Queensland Claims Discussion Group (QCDG), a not-for-profit organisation which aims to enhance the education and network opportunities for insurance professionals. I assist with the organisation of events, selection of discussion topics, and have also presented on topics of law. I am passionate about mentoring and building lasting professional relationships with my mentees, many of which have transcended teams and firms. I was recently invited by the Griffith University Law Society, in partnership with the College of Law, to be part of a panel presenting to early career lawyers and students on how to utilise networking.
Georgia Athanasellis

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I am a solicitor working in-house at the University of Queensland. Before that, I was an Associate in the Supreme Court and at the Fair Work Commission, a graduate at Allens and a secondee lawyer at a pro bono clinic. For the last three years, I’ve had the privilege of being on the FLC and working with young lawyers from across Queensland to represent our cohort. My efforts have focused on the creation of The Callover podcast. Our first two seasons have showcased exceptional lawyers from around Queensland who are contributing to the profession and the community, as well as tackling issues affecting young lawyers. I hope The Callover becomes a platform that inspires young lawyers, facilitates important conversations, and shines a light on developments in law that impact our profession and community. I am seeking re-election in the hope that I can continue to contribute to those conversations.
Anna Fanelli

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My decision to nominate is fuelled by my dedication to advancing the profession and promoting community service. As a staunch advocate for junior professionals, I’m aware of challenges faced by newer members of the profession, particularly when grappling with work-life balance pressures. As a practitioner specialising in contentious regulatory matters with both metro and regional experience, I offer a unique perspective. I understand the demands of high-pressure regulatory investigations and the intensity of contested disciplinary hearings while juggling life outside of work. When not scrambling to meet regulatory deadlines, I’m an avid reader and music fan, and you’ll often find me with my head buried in a book with headphones on. While the legal profession may have a reputation for being stuck in the past, I believe the next generation of leaders are ready to shake off the old and embrace a future where we lead, learn, and inspire.
Mathai Joshi

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I’m a solicitor working in Townsville North Queensland. I am proud to be a regional practicing solicitor for the past five years in Townsville. I’ve had the privilege of serving on the Future Leaders Committee over the past few months representing early career lawyers from all over Queensland. I’m passionate about advancing the issues important to the profession in regional/rural Queensland, and helping junior members of the profession navigate the difficulties in practice. I hope to further advance more opportunities for younger lawyers working in the regions, but also help advancing greater opportunities for early career lawyers in our profession. Being a lawyer is one of the greatest things we get to do, however starting out can be difficult. If I’m re-elected to the Future Leaders Committee I hope to further advance issues that help support our junior practitioners, and providing more opportunities and support to those in regional/rural Queensland.
Rachna Nagesh

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I believe it is important to build positive support systems, networks and habits early. As fellow criminal lawyers will know, a short conversation at the back of the committal callover courtroom can only get you so far. I am passionate about work-life balance, collegiality in the legal industry and advocacy that extends to outside the courtroom. If I’m elected to the Future Leaders Committee, I hope to work together as a Committee to create resources and organise events that genuinely address the concerns of and support the needs of early career lawyers. This initiative would be especially important to early career lawyers at criminal and suburban/boutique law firms. Collaboration and strong support networks will allow us to build healthy and sustainable foundations for the future of the legal profession. I would be grateful for the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in this space and represent our diverse cohort.
Amber Corbin

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Amber is a dedicated legal professional who specialising as an in-house counsel, focusing on emerging areas like AI, IP, and privacy. With a background in multinational corporations and large-scale projects at Surbana Jurong, ARTC, and Hastings Deering/Sime Darby, she excels in delivering commercial solutions and concise legal advice. Beyond her legal career, Amber founded and sold AmbiCore, automating conveyancing processes, showcasing her leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Her commitment extends to humanitarian work as a Queensland Divisional Board Member of Red Cross Australia, advocating for youth empowerment and social justice. Amber's blend of legal expertise, leadership, and dedication to service positions her as a future leader, ready to make a meaningful impact in law and society.
Eloise Turnbull

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As a next generation lawyer, I hold first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing some incoming lawyers in the legal industry. My service in being a part of the Future Leaders Committee will be an opportunity for me to advocate on behalf of my peers, with a view towards shaping the industry to be more supportive and promoting growth. As a solicitor practicing in civil litigation and dispute resolution, I appreciate strategic planning, navigating complexities in the legal system and the procedural rules governing resolution of disputes, as well as advocating for client’s rights and interests. I hold a special interest in service to others when they are experiencing difficulty in legal disputes. This is fostered as a volunteer at the Suncoast Community Legal Service. Fundamentally, I am motivated to meaningfully support early career lawyers and equip them with the skillset they require to handle clients’ matters with integrity and professionalism.
Alex Komarowski

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I am an early career lawyer practicing in the area of Digital and Intellectual Property law, with a passion for digital innovation, media and communication. I am regularly reminded of the myriad of ways in which technological innovation is poised to reshape the commercial and social landscape, and the importance of the legal profession adapting to keep pace. This understanding has imbued in me a passion for ensuring that future legal leaders have the skills, experience and understanding necessary to ensure they have enriching careers in a rapidly evolving environment. Throughout my legal career, I hope to encourage new practitioners to look hopefully and excitedly to the future, to think critically about the landscape within which they will be operating, and to eagerly seize opportunities to actively engage with the evolving legal profession and develop nuanced and authentic professional identities as they hone their professional skills.
Katie Lavercombe

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I am a Solicitor practicing within Insurance Litigation at McInnes Wilson Lawyers in Brisbane. I am late to the Law, having been admitted June 2023 after previous careers as a Primary School Teacher, Business Owner and within Insurance. However, my most demanding and rewarding role has been as a mum of four young children (currently aged between 5 to 11). I obtained my law degree and PLT full time, while working as a paralegal and being the primary carer for my children. It’s safe to say I am a highly motivated, positive and focused individual. My varied professional and personal history means I am well placed to advocate from within the FLC for people who are entering the legal profession later in life or considering a career change to law. Outside of work, I volunteer with Southport Surf Life Saving Club, at my children’s schools and with their sporting teams.
Ruby Priestley

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I hold a Bachelors of Law and Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from Bond University. I am a practicing family lawyer on the Gold Coast at a boutique law firm. I have always had a strong desire to further my specialization in family law and expect to graduate with a Masters of Applied Law (Family Law) later this year. I hope to dedicate the time that I applied to my Masters to better serve my client's, colleagues, the Queensland Law Society and broader community. Outside of my practice, I have held roles in both the Youth Committee and Management Committee of the Mudgeeraba Show Society and have performed as Elizabeth Bennet in Gold Coast Little Theatre’s production of Pride and Prejudice. I enjoy reading, yoga, collecting mugs and have proudly maintained a twelve month streak on a Duolingo Spanish course.
Liberty Thomas

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Passionate about championing the wellbeing of early-career lawyers, I am eager to make a significant impact as a member of the QLS Future Leaders Committee. As a personal injury lawyer, coupled with my background in nursing, I feel I am uniquely positioned to contribute to the committee's mission. Recognizing the demanding nature of our profession, I am committed to raising awareness and implementing initiatives that address work-life balance. With a focus on reducing burnout rates, I am enthusiastic about training programs and events that add substantial value to the careers of my peers. Additionally, I am personally invested in supporting fellow lawyers as they navigate the unique challenges of starting a family and returning from parental leave. My desire to be actively involved stems from a genuine commitment to providing a voice for young and early-career lawyers, ensuring their concerns are heard and addressed within the legal community.
Sam Nelson

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Hi, I’m Sam Nelson, a commercial litigator with Axia Litigation Lawyers on the Sunshine Coast and I’m applying for the QLS Future Leaders Committee. Throughout my short legal career, I've been involved in a wide array of matters in various practice areas which has given me a solid foundation and diverse understanding of the law. Around 2020, I pivoted careers following 10+ years in the financial planning industry, which was both a humbling and rewarding experience. I’m excited to nominate for the Committee to assist other young lawyers both personally and professionally. By sharing my experiences, tips and traps that I’ve learnt, hopefully I can assist young lawyers (and lawyers to be) in finding their path in the industry. Outside the law, I enjoy spending time with my wife Sara and our sons, Charlie and Max. I’m also consistently involved with local sporting clubs and the Suncoast Community Legal Service.
Emma Kearney

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I am excited to nominate for a spot on the Future Leaders Committee, as I am passionate about highlighting the importance of work-life balance. Our first two years in practice can be the hardest, particularly when dealing with a large workload and difficult clients, and no time to dedicate to either of them. Our job is incredibly demanding, and it is easy to lose sight of the most important thing when it comes to succeeding (aka surviving) in this profession: work-life balance. I would love to dedicate time to supporting early career lawyers with mastering the art of work-life balance in the hope it helps them to not only succeed as a lawyer, but enjoy being one. After practising in criminal law for the last five years, I hope to offer a variety of knowledge and experience to the FLC and all those that seek its support!
Zac Reinke

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Entering the profession comes with many fantastic opportunities for growth and development, but juggling the demands of early practice and a personal life can be difficult. I was lucky to benefit from experienced mentors as I entered the profession but understand that for many - this isn't the case. I believe that fostering supportive and collegiate relationships between practitioners of all levels is essential in helping those early career lawyers to avoid burn out, poor work/life balance, and even ethical mistakes in practice. Since law school, I have been involved in the criminal and regulatory law space including as both a criminal lawyer and an investigator at the Legal Services Commission. Now as a Senior Associate at Aitken Whyte Lawyers, I am passionate about finding ways to contribute to the profession, and to support and guide early career lawyers who are beginning to experience the challenges of private practice.
Karla Macpherson

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Navigating the early stages of a legal career can be difficult. The weight of expectations, both self-imposed and external, can lead promising individuals to abandon their ambitions within the profession. As a practicing personal injury lawyer, I am committed to offering genuine, empathetic legal services that prioritise the well-being and comfort of my clients. I believe in creating an environment where individuals feel secure and valued when sharing their experiences. In seeking a role on the Future Leaders Committee, I aim to extend this ethos to my fellow early career lawyers and hope to foster a culture of curiosity and mutual support amongst the profession.
Brendan Reidy

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As a current member of the Future Leaders Committee, I seek re-election for the next intake of committee members in order to continue progressing the various projects that the Committee has worked so hard to develop over the last 12 months. In particular, I am eager to continue developing The Hub, being a centralised location for us early career lawyers to access useful online resources that can help build your legal career and ensure that your personal wellbeing is looked after. Our collective efforts over the past year have yielded significant progress for The Hub, and I am enthusiastic about the prospect of continuing this initiative. As for my own professional experience, since my admission in 2017, I have gained valuable legal experience in Gold Coast and Brisbane firms in the areas of litigation and insolvency; and also, in London at the largest public inquiry held in the United Kingdom.