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Spring 2021 Parents
   2021 Chamblee High Parent/Guardian Representative Election
      Parent/Guardian Representative
   2021 Doraville United Elementary Parent/Guardian Representative Election
      Parent/Guardian Representative
   2021 Peachtree Middle Parent/Guardian Representative Election
      Parent/Guardian Representative

Poll Group: Spring 2021 Parents

Poll Group: 2021 Chamblee High Parent/Guardian Representative Election

Poll: Parent/Guardian Representative
Laura Axelson

CHS has been home to my children since 2014. I have children in the classes of 2018, 2020, 2022 and 2025. At CHS, I am in leadership in the Softball Booster Club, coordinating front desk volunteers and participate in PTA and school events. Previous service includes PAC at Montgomery Elementary, Kittredge Magnet and Chamblee Middle Schools. Serving on the PAC will allow me to give back to the school and community that is such an important part of my family. With both magnet and resident students, I bring a unique perspective as we strive to continue the legacy of CHS.
Beth Concepcion

I would like to serve on the Principal Advisory Council to help gather and share crucial information for parents/guardians. My two sons are Chamblee High School students, and I’ve been active in school advisory boards/parent groups their whole lives. Most recently, I served on the Chamblee Middle School PAC as secretary. My background is in journalism/PR, and I grew up in Atlanta. I work at Oglethorpe University, serve as secretary of the Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce board, and just joined the Explore Brookhaven board. There’s a saying: “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.” That’s me!
Katrienne Feaster

My passions include problem solving and working with others to do so. From my engineering degree to a supply chain consultant career to now a stay at home mom that has served in many PTA officer roles, this has been constant. While I don't have a particular cause in mind for serving on the CHS (CCHS) PAC my agenda is to understand the issues from all angles (parent, teacher, county and community) and offer direction that creates a learning environment that is respectful, challenging, and successful at serving our community and particularly our children.
Kristen Logan

I have two children at Chamblee High School and have enjoyed serving on the Chamblee PTSA and on the tricameral council of the Chamblee Charter Governing Board for the past several years. I would like to continue to support Chamblee High School by serving on the PAC.
Deborah Martin-Gerstle

I am a Veterinarian and have 3 students in DCSD. This Fall, I will have a Freshman and Junior at Chamblee High. Both students are in the Magnet Program. I have a great deal of experience serving on several Principal Advisory Councils including Briarlake Elementary, Kittredge Magnet, and Chamblee Middle. I also have the experience of serving as Chair or Vice Chair on these PACs. Considering this will be a new PAC for Chamblee High, I feel my previous experience will be beneficial. It is also my hope that Chamblee High will continue to support all of its students.
Marvella Ochoa

I am Mrs. M. Ochoa. I have participated as a volunteer in schools supporting events such as fall festivals, chaperoning field trips, and helping in the beautification of the schools. I also participated as president of the PTO at Sequoyah Middle. I currently manage a group of parents through WhatsApp where I share information of interest related to the education of our children in order to have better communication, to get closer to our community, and to know what the needs of the community are. School with a single purpose - HELP IN THE EDUCATION OF OUR CHILDREN.

Poll Group: 2021 Doraville United Elementary Parent/Guardian Representative Election

Poll: Parent/Guardian Representative
Courtney Archie

I have been teaching for 12 years now and this will be my first year going to school with my son. He will be starting Kindergarten, and I am so proud to represent Doraville not only as a teacher, but as a parent.
Sarai Chavez

I would like to serve at DUES because I think is important, as a parent, to be involved in the decisions taken regarding the education of our children. On the other hand, is a new school, which means a new community that needs to be united, I can be that bridge between parents and school. Because most population of the school is Latina, so am I, we all can work together for better understanding.
Paola Cucum

I served on the PTO at Dresden Elementary. I like helping the teachers and the students. The principal listened to my ideas, so I want to join to help provide more to the new school.
Blanca Rodas

I am involved in my daughter's education. I want to help the parents in my community understand what is going on at the school. I will help work with the school.

Poll Group: 2021 Peachtree Middle Parent/Guardian Representative Election

Poll: Parent/Guardian Representative
Daniel Almeida

My wife and I moved from Brazil to Atlanta in 2003, and our daughters were born here. The youngest is now a 7th grader (PCMS), the oldest is 9th grader (Dunwoody High). My wife volunteered at Dunwoody Elementary, and I have helped PCMS during the High Achievers discussions in 2019, and have attended most Academic Committees. In January 21, I became Co-Chair of PCMS Foundation, where we help with long-term educational enhancements. I have always volunteered at other entities. Since 2015, I am Board Member at GA PKU Connect, a non-profit organization dedicated to Phenylketonuria community. I co-founded in 2012 a networking group for Brazilian professionals in Atlanta.
Megan Cann

Having served as PTO President and Chair of the PAC at Dunwoody ES and as the Secretary of Peachtree's Board for the past two years, I would be delighted to have the opportunity to serve on the PAC at Peachtree. I am a nurse at Emory St. Joseph's Hospital and enjoy volunteering as Lay Leader at Dunwoody United Methodist Church where I also teach Sunday school. My daughter and I enjoy serving in National Charity League. I am a parent invested in the Dunwoody community who cares deeply about quality education, appropriate facilities, and just treatment of staff.
Jeff Cantwell

I am the parent of two middle school girls (rising 6th & 8th grade). I also have a son with Down Syndrome at Vanderlyn Elementary. I currently work in beverage distribution. I am excited to be have an opportunity to be a part of making Peachtree a better, more inclusive experience for all the kids who attend.
Marissa Evans

Hi there! I'm a new parent to PCMS, with a sixth-grade daughter, but I currently serve on PAC for Dunwoody Elementary - so I am familiar with the process and duties of a Principal Advisory Council. I joined PAC after several years of leading Community Business Support where we raised thousands of dollars to support the PTO. At PCMS, I also serve as the Volleyball Parent liaison. In my non-school life, I work in Learning and Development for a Fortune 500 company, focusing on sales success. I'm looking forward to the great work at PCMS!
Susan Friedenberg

Having been a parent of a student in DCSD for the past 12 years and having participated in the fundraising and hospitality side of the school/parent organizations, I'd like to be involved in helping to guide the academic future of the student at Peachtree Middle School. We all know middle school is vulnerable time for our kids. I'd like to help make it a time of significant growth for our community.
Lisa Lefkovits

I am a parent of two children at PCMS. We are very supportive of PCMS and DeKalb in providing an outstanding education and experience for the children, and we believe in supporting the teachers and the school to be the best that it can be. I am a professional (I am a physician) as well as a parent, and I believe that I can be a helpful voice of reason and decision maker by serving on a committee to act as a liaison between parents and the school. I did volunteer at Kingsley Elementary while Vivian was at school there.
Melanie Rembelos

I have only volunteered on non-schooling panels, such as Women in Technolgy and Techbridge.
Pamela Rock

I am the current chair of the Academics Committee at PCMS Foundation. I earned a BA in psychology from Amherst College and a doctorate in physical therapy from Emory University. With my strong academic background, I have been very involved in my daughters' education at both Montgomery and DES. I chaired the Health and Wellness Committee at Montgomery for 5 years with close involvement in the science fair, PTA and PAC. I have been strongly involved in the high achiever's program at PCMS advocating for the students. I would love to continue to be involved working for all students.
Ray Alyssa Rothman

I have not been active in the middle school prior I was involved in my children’s elementary school, DES. I headed up sponsorships and raised thousands of dollars for the school. I am interested now in a one year term to assist at the middle school. I am detailed oriented, organized and a hard worker on any project I undertake.