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2019 ISOCARP Elections
   Election of Secretary General
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Poll Group: 2019 ISOCARP Elections

Poll: Election of Secretary General
Dushko Bogunovich (New Zealand)

Dear Colleagues/Members,

Apologies for my delayed statement.

My candidacy for SG is inspired by a profound belief that ISOCARP is not some fictional entity - but actual people. The members. My paramount ambition is to serve you and your professional aspirations by assisting a smooth running of our Society and its executive for your benefit.

This is an exciting time to be involved in the management of our association. The new constitution, governance structure and membership policy are designed to bring us a renaissance. We can already see signs of that renewal. I look forward to a bigger and better ISOCARP, with a more even global presence and with more regionally structured operations and leadership.

In an urban world, beset with colossal problems - climate disruption, overpopulation, poverty, injustice, intolerance - it is hard to imagine a more important profession and organisation than ours. But we cannot act alone - we must work with other institutions and as many local governments as possible. Building partnerships and engaging select projects of exemplary importance will be a critical activity for our President, the Board and the SG in the coming years.

That does not mean neglecting what we do best - our congresses, the YPP workshop and the UPAT projects. They remain our core activities and I would like to ensure they run well, generate new and relevant knowledge, and have a global impact.

I would be honoured to have your vote of confidence.

Dr Dushko Bogunovich
Adjunct Professor at Auckland University
Frank D'hondt (Greece)

For 30 years I advocate better places through better planning. Educated in Belgium, I planned a decade long at regional, national and European level. Since then, I advise communities and authorities outside the European ‘comfort-zone’, with crisis-impacted Athens in Greece as homebase. While working worldwide as an independence free-lance planner for mainly UN-agencies, I also manage the co-founded open-source knowledge network ‘Territorial Capital institute’.

Before presenting my take on the SG position, I acknowledge the legacy of the outgoing SG. Secondly, the SG does not act on his own (I really regret there are no female candidates!) and can only achieve the Society’s strategic goals as a team player. Yet, the SG should also be and do more that just act as an ‘admin-soldier’. As SG, I aspire to actively support and strengthen the visibility of the Society in the ongoing debate on the quality and quantity of urban and territorial planning all over our planet - at the brink of a system-chock.

Adhering to our ethical code of conduct, as an SG I’ll apply the highest ethical and professional standards, while upholding and promoting the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, disability, location, social status or sexual identity.

While the SG must perform the basic duties of (co-)managing the General Meetings, the Board, the Scientific Committee and the staff hired by the Society, I believe the SG should also assist the President and Exco-members in crafting and redacting policy statements of the Society for both internal and external use. I believe it would make ISOCARP even more relevant when we contribute to and at times provoke debate on the role and methods of urban and territorial planners at all levels of planning. We must weigh in more than ever on the agenda-setting for future urban and territorial policies, though issuing external statements after internal debate. Organizing our flagship activities and events such as the yearly world Congress and the Young Planners Workshops will remain a top priority, but we need to better use them as a launchpad to raise our voice in the territorial debate, currently dominated by urban practitioners with no planning background.

More visibility will result in more and more diverse membership, with a special effort to reach out to (young and female) planners in countries with insufficient resources to herald sustainable urban and territorial planning, development and governance - especially where we risk to lose the battle against global warming and irreversible loss of biodiversity caused by unsustainable human development. As an informal ambassador I already learned to represent and promote ISOCARP worldwide – a title I would like to formalize a bit more to promote our growing network in all continents of the world. As incoming SG, I would keep on doing just that, but in a more organized and collaborative way, striking a balance between ambition and the limited resources at our disposal.

Yours sincerely,

Frank D’hondt
MSc Urban & Regional Planning

Poll: Election of Board Members
Abhijeet Shrivastava (United States)

Ale Badara Sy (Senegal)

44-year-old senior urban planner and climate change expert, I developed a broad experience in major works, urban development, urban resilience projects and master planning formulation. My professional experience is marked by collaborations with several international organizations including UN Habitat, Rockefeller Foundation, The World Bank and The Global Green Growth Institute. I live my great passion of sustainable urban development within the Club de Réflexion sur l'Urbain, which is the first Senegalese think tank exclusively focused on urban issues. I would like to share this passion and to put my experience to good use in the service of our prestigious organization. My commitment and determination lie in the fact that’s necessary to extend ISOCARP's activities in Africa. Indeed, promoting activities, improving knowledge base of the African urban sectors and capitalizing best urban practices should be more in focus as an ISOCARP activities. Despite the continuous efforts, more can be done. That's true that our future is urban, but Africa's future is even more so. In this continent where most of the world's urban growth is expected, ISOCARP's representation is really needed. One of my main suggestions will aim to organize in Africa the upcoming Annual General Meeting. I thank youé-badara-sy-aa390566
Ali A. Alraouf (Qatar)

My intention joining ISOCARP’s board is multifaceted. Regionally, I want to serve as an interface to promote ISOCARP among Middle Eastern and African planners, a territory which is in a dire need for ISOCARP’s planning knowledge, training, consultancy and expertise. As I am an educator too, I am bias towards the young generation and want to support ISOCARP’s exemplary efforts to achieve qualitative and quantitative transformations in workshops, training programs and relevant activities tailored for global young planners. Our cornerstone event “The Annual Congress” boundaries could to be expanded. I want to help in doing that by including training targeting members especially from less exposed countries. Also, to allocate more time for rigorous analysis of global best practices so we learn collectively. I will work on introducing a new category to the annual awards to praise real projects done by young planners. To be elected is a great honor which I have to earn and deserve. I am so confident that your vote would help me embark on a journey with a great team of board members and a dedicated president to better serve ISOCARP, promote its identity, enhance its global role and maintain its legacy. Please press: Yes4ALI.
Ana Peric (Switzerland)

As senior researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Spatial and Landscape Development, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, I focus on transnational spatial planning, exploring planning cultures in various contexts.

With almost 40% of its members being academics, ISOCARP inspires me to highlight the nexus between cutting-edge planning thoughts and practical experiments illustrating innovative approaches. Accordingly, I co-edited the book on UPATs, served as co-rapporteur at the Congress in Rotterdam, contributed to the ISOCARP Review, and run ISOCARP’s Awards. To spread the combined knowledge within and outside the Society, I also frame the content of the new ‘member-to-member’ training programme, prepare ISOCARP promo-material (newsletter, membership brochure), and endorse activities of other planning organisations.

In running for the second term as a Board member, I focus on: 1) preparing the publication on the Award for Excellence to elucidate best practice examples against the contemporary planning debates; 2) establishing ISOCARP Journal to bridge the gap between theory and practice; and, 3) promoting ISOCARP activities, projects and publications at academic conferences and journals.

Consequently, I’ll stay dedicated to collaborating with our growing community to create and share knowledge, boost competences, extend the network, thus, raising the profile and influence of ISOCARP in creating better cities.
Dushko Bogunovich (New Zealand)

I am an academic and consulting city and spatial planner, urban designer and architect. Having been a member for 35 years, and after attending nine congresses (twice as the GR), three UPATs and one YPP, I assure you I know ISOCARP really well. I think our Society is going through a renaissance after the recent constitutional changes. At the same time, I am very concerned with the state of the world. It is facing colossal problems - climate disruption, overpopulation, poverty, injustice, intolerance. And all of them have a city or regional dimension. In my mind, ISOCARP is now one of the most important professional associations on the planet. It will up to this Board to show to the global audience that we need good planning more than ever, while also inspiring the membership with a sense of historic mission.

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Elisabeth Belpaire (Switzerland)

I bring over 20 years of urban planning experience from a range of contexts: integrated urban planning in Belgium, France and Switzerland; sustainable development and disaster risk reduction with UN-Habitat in Vietnam's transition context; management of post-conflict programmes and establishment of a new inclusive strategic planning system in Kosovo; the development of a regional capacity building Instrument addressing housing and informal settlements with governments and partners in South-East Europe; regeneration of historical centres in the West Bank; design of a Foundation’s strategy for cities to support healthy child development.

At a critical time for human societies and our planet, I want to further enable ISOCARP in pushing the boundaries between critical themes and collaborating actors: youth, climate change, land, public space, mobility, gender, inequality; spanning private and public sectors, civil society and universities. Co-creating, I want us to realize opportunities to shine a light and promote new ideas, impactful tools and mechanisms, bringing global attention to areas demanding attention as well as inspiring innovations from around the world to be put at scale. I’m based in Geneva, with easy access to organizations and events with the (not obvious) opportunity to contribute urban planning solutions for a more equal world.
Elizelle Juanee Cilliers (South Africa)

I have a passion for making Planning visible in our communities. I have a passion for science communication. I believe I can support ISoCARP in both these activities. As Professor in Urban and Regional Planning, I have extensive experience in both these activities. My experiential teaching approach, imply that my students are actively involved in community projects, for which I won the Distinguished Teaching Excellent Award of the North-West University (Top Lecturer) in 2019. I collaborate with a range of stakeholders, from local communities, to the South African Day Organisation, to Government Departments, to the UN-Habitat – illustrating to students how to “think global, act local” – with the aim to make Planning visible (for example in this community transformation project). I believe in communicating science and have a weekly talk on national radio, which I hosted since 2017. As a result, the Natural and Agricultural Sciences Faculty awarded me for excelling in publicizing the activities of the University in media as well as being integral in making the University visible in our communities. I am a finalist for the South African Woman in Science Awards (SAWISA) as well as finalist for the NSTF Science Oscar Awards.
Eric Huybrechts (France)

I am a senior city and regional planner with large experiences in more than 25 countries from national, regional, metropolitan and local planning with a strong focus on developing and transition countries. My involvement in the international debates regarding city planning (UN-Habitat, UNESCO, UCLG/Metropolis, Icomos, MTPA, HPF) offer opportunities for Isocarp to advocate for the position of city planners in regards to the main contemporary challenges as climate change, affordable metropolis, city region governance, planning the future informal settlements, culture/heritage… Isocarp should take collective statements and strengthen its partnerships with international organizations (national to local) to become the key representative of city planners in the international debate and support the position of city planners in the international, national and local institutional frameworks.
New approaches of urban planning should be developed for informal settlements that represents half of the urban production today, especially in developing countries. New approaches on urban and city planning should also be developed to face the effects of the financialization of cities that evict, by the market, large portion of the urban dwellers, both in developed and developing countries. A global approach on city climate planning should be designed based on the last Bodo congress and contributions
Jean-Claude Bolay (Switzerland)

I am Jean-Claude Bolay, professor of urban development and director of the Cooperation & Development Center of EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). I got a PhD in political sciences, focused on rural – urban migrations in Mexico. To do it I worked as researcher 2 years in Mexico and 1 year in UC Berkeley, California. After that I spent 3 years in Douala, Cameroon, in the frame of a project of slum upgrading. As professor and adviser, my domain is related to urban planning, social participation, natural and built environment and governance in diversified contexts as Vietnam, China, Bolivia, Argentina, Cuba, or Burkina Faso, to cite some of them. I published more than 60 articles and edited several books on urban issues in developing countries as on partnership in scientific cooperation (a new book titled “urban planning against poverty” will be published by Springer in October 2019). I consider urban planning as crucial for the sustainable development of cities, especially in the South, in order to bring a more coherent organization of urban settlements, contribute to alleviation of poverty, and build more inclusive cities, without socio-economic segregation or territorial fragmentation. I will defend these aims as member of the board.

Joris van Gool (Belgium)

My purpose through Isocarp is to enhance the cooperation between public and private, planners and implementers, to organise, create and build improved cities and people’s living context.

Throughout my career I went through all the essential stages as a landscape architect, urban planner, real estate expert and private project developer. Living in Belgium, Antwerp, I have thirty years of experience, in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and South Africa. I travelled in Africa, South America, Europe, The Middle East and Asia.
I was a strategic planner for public and private institutions, I was a teacher in designing public spaces.
After studying real estate, a few partners and I started up our own property development company, Gands. We developed housing projects, care centres, mixed use projects, innovative concepts for young urban professionals. We introduced temporary use, redeveloped brownfields, renovated existing buildings and added mixed functions. The real implementation of our gathered experience.

I enjoyed working with planning organisations, governments, licensing authorities, soil remediators, owners, investors, urban planners, architects, landscapers and financial partners. I’m glad to be a generalist, being able to combine all these disciplines.

A candidate from the private sector might bring new ideas and interesting insights.
Mahak Agrawal (India)

I am an urban planner from India, working on sanitation deprivation and climate crisis response in coastal and north, north-east region of India.

I have served as an expert reviewer to Second Order Draft of IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land. I am a Local Pathways Fellow to United Nations SDSN-Youth, and also working with for securing right to sanitation to urban poor.

I have been an active member of ISOCARP since May 2016. In 2016, I provided research assistance for urban-transportation aspect of Synthesis report submitted by ISOCARP to Moscow Urban Forum. Since 2017, I have been working as Associate Editor to ISOCARP Review. In 2018-19, I served as editor to YPP Bodø report, and in 2019, as a jury member to ISOCARP Student Awards.

As a Board member to ISOCARP, I am motivated to serve and support the Society in building a stronger, expansive community of professionals, particularly from Asia and India- home to 54% of the world’s urban population and the area where urban growth is creating challenges of climate crisis, environmental pollution, and inequalities. I would work to support the Society’s role in guiding liveability and resilience of Indian and other Asian cities.
Makgorometje Augustine Makgata (South Africa)

Michael Stott (Australia)

It is with great enthusiasm that I am running for the position of ISOCARP ordinary Board Member. I am an active member and strong supporter of ISOCARP. I have been fortunate enough to participate in Young Planning Professionals (YPP) and Urban Planning Advisory Team (UPAT) workshops in the United States and in China, as well as been the recipient of the ISOCARP Award for Excellence on two occasions, most recently for the Zibi project in Ottawa, Canada.

These are exciting times for ISOCARP, and I feel privileged to be a part of the organisation. I believe ISOCARP has made many great strides to connect with and meaningfully increase member’s involvement in the organisation over the last few years and I am thrilled at the opportunity of being more involved in the next stage of ISOCARP’s evolution. For my part, I would bring to the position of ordinary Board Member more than 20 years’ experience working around the world with organisations at the forefront of changing how cities are designed and planned. I have an extensive international network which I would leverage in the carrying out of my duties to further increase the society’s visibility on the global stage.
Puvendra Akkiah (South Africa)

I am a professional Town and Regional Planner with more than 20 years of experience in local, national, and global planning processes, such as the UN-Habitat 3 New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. Due to my extensive experience, I am a sought after speaker and facilitator at many international conferences and events such as Habitat 3, WUF’s, masterclasses, and strategic planning sessions. I was a member of the National Board Members of the International Society for Country and Regional Planning (ISOCARP), Board Member of the South African Council for Planners(SACPLAN), Executive Member of the Regional South African Planning Institute, Technical Chairperson of the Urban Strategic Planning Committee for the United Cities for Local Government (UCLG), Committee member of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum – Inclusive-Cities Network and a member of the Global Task Force. Through various local government networks, I have authored, contributed and edited numerous publications, with the most recent being the United Cities and Local Government Public Space Framework, Public Space Learning Experiences for Durban and Blantyre (Malawi), Durban Experience in Localizing the SDG’s - which was the only city to feature in South Africa’s Voluntary National Review in 2019. Using the experienced gained, I have also
Rachel Su Hong (China)

Su Hong is a Brand Executive, Urban Planner and Senior Engineer at Guangzhou Urban Planning & Design Survey Research Institute (GZPI) in Guangzhou, China. She has 16 years’ experience providing design and management leadership within multi-disciplinary design teams and collaborating with public authorities, community and stakeholder groups on award winning projects in mainland China and Hong Kong. The 'Guangzhou Beautiful Village Rural Living Environment Improvement & Innovative Development Practice in Metropolitan Area' was bestowed with the 2017 GRAND Prize of the ISOCARP Awards for Excellence. Su Hong has particular experience on integrating multi-disciplinary, multi-sector design, communication and coordination.

Su Hong is very active in ISOCARP activities, such as helping GZPI to host YPP workshop in 2016, to apply an Institutional Membership of ISOCARP in 2017, to host the 2018 UPAT workshop ‘Unique Guangzhou’, to participate in the 2018 Durban UPAT hosted in South Africa. Meanwhile, she is keen to promote ISOCARP to a lot of Chinese authorities with her broad social contact to fulfil the national booming demand of international professional Consultancy and Academy. As a Board Member I would like to go for a truly global interactive network of planners and strengthen our mission of Knowledge for Better Cities.
Rajendra Kumar (India)

I am architect with 14+ Years experience. Graduation from CCA, Chandigarh (School Founded by Le Corbusier) and Post Graduation from Politecnico Di Milano, Italy. Now practicing architect in Delhi and Director of School of Architecture, Noida International University, NCR New Delhi ( Having Environmental and Urban sensitivity approach. Having mixed experiences of varied scale projects, ranging from Urban scale to Buildings and Interiors. Actively involved in Academia and research. Advisory member of various think tanks. 70+ Publications and lectures in National and International conferences, Including Columbia University, New York, Harvard University, Boston. My works have been exhibited in exhibitions and event in India and Abroad.

I had been involved with ISOCARP for YPP, Mentor, Paper Presenter, Contributors etc. I wish to give my expertise for betterment of Urban spaces and Cities of world. I would like to serve ISOCARP as Board Member, representing from New Delhi, India. In my tenure as ISOCARP’s Board Member in New Delhi, I will do my best to connect ISOCARP more in Asian Cities which are rapidly increasing and need of expertise by organizations like ISOCARP. I will try to support my ISOCARP colleagues to organize UPATs, YPP in Indian other global cities.
Wanjiku Macharia (Kenya)

“From Policy to Action!”

I am Wanjiku Macharia and I have over 20 years working both as an independent consultant and with international professional services firms supporting institutional development of public and civil society organizations. I have developed clear understanding of urban social development issues by carrying out both research assignments and strategic management of public sector projects designed to support the mitigation of specific development challenges such as income generating opportunities and public health concerns. I am currently the Managing Director of Frontline Planning and Innovations, a Management Consultancy and Training firm.

My proposed agenda for service delivery to members is to facilitate development of a mentoring programme to support members upskill and retain relevance in light of new technologies, national development priorities and emerging opportunities for building more sustainable communities with the resources that one has. I seek to make my contribution to making ISOCARP even more responsive to the Planner through facilitating increased learning opportunities for members that could be identified through ISOCARP collaboration with its key stakeholders, support the Academy conceptualise capacity building initiatives on focused themes that prioritise planning and development of sustainable communities that will be both convenient and affordable to the membership.
Zaheer Allam (Mauritius)

As a candidate board member, I will strive to support fair, equitable and sustainable policies across an array of geographical context.

Zaheer Allam is a holder of a PhD from Curtin University (Australia), an MBA from Anglia Ruskin University (UK) and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Architectural Science from Curtin University (Australia). Based in Mauritius, he works as an Urban Strategist for The Port Louis Development Initiative (PLDI), the Global Creative Leadership Initiative and consults on a number of projects on the thematic of Smart Cities across the African Continent and on strategies dwelling in the increasing role of technology in Culture and the Society. Zaheer is also the African Representative of the International Society of Biourbanism (ISB), member of the Advisory Circle of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), and a member of a number of other international bodies. For his contributions to society, he was made recipient of a number of awards and was elevated, by the President of Mauritius, to the rank of Officer of the Order of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean (OSK); the highest distinct order of Merit in Mauritius.