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Poll Group: BOA Athletes’ Commission Member Elections 2018

Poll: BOA Athletes' Commission Member Elections 2018
Liam Tancock, Aquatics Swimming - 2008, 2012

Having represented GB for over 15 years I have experienced the highs and lows of sport, both first hand and as part of the wider team.

The international sporting landscape continues to throw up challenges. I believe that investing in the athlete's voice is key in making a positive difference to the decision making and direction of the Olympic Movement. This was something I promoted whilst part of British Swimming’s Athlete Leadership Group.

Since retiring, I continue to develop my international sporting knowledge and understanding and I’m part of the current cohort on UK Sport's International Leadership Programme. I have also recently been appointed onto the UKAD Athlete Commission.

I would like to see more support for athletes when it comes to the inevitable task of retirement. I believe, we should nurture and develop each other, no matter what part of the journey we’re on. After all, once an Olympian, always an Olympian.

I am passionate about Team GB. I pride myself in listening to others and sharing my experiences. This not only helps me understand the performance needs of athletes, but I also see it as my duty to support athlete preparations moving forward to Tokyo, Beijing and beyond.
Emily Diamond, Athletics - 2012, 2016

I have always been passionate about sport, and have been fortunate enough to be competing for GB since 2009. During this time, I have experienced two Olympic Games - London 2012 and Rio 2016. Over the years I have been involved in numerous Championships where athletes have been put up in hotels as well as athlete villages. I have also been involved in competitions where a preparation camp has been arranged by either the BOA or Team England. Because of this I feel I’ve gained a good understanding of what athletes require in order to create an optimal environment for competition preparation and performance. This would be an advantageous asset for a member of the BOA Athletes’ Commission.

To have an opportunity to be a member of the BOA Athletes’ Commission would mean so much to me, and I would be extremely honoured to be given a voice on behalf of many other British athletes. I would thoroughly enjoy being proactive and chatting to many athletes from different sports, as well as athletics, to discover their needs and aspirations and be able to put these forward to the BOA at the various committee meetings.
Hannah England, Athletics, 2012

I have been a professional athlete since graduating in 2009. I am proud to have represented my country at European, World, Commonwealth and Olympic level. I love the experiences and opportunities sport has given me and am passionate about ensuring all British athletes have a similar journey.

My career has given me a broad perspective of what it means to be an elite athlete in Britain. My position as chair of the UK Athletics Athletes' Commission has helped me gain experience in listening to and appreciating athletes’ views and communicating with our governing body.

If I had to highlight particular issues I felt were paramount I would choose anti-doping and athlete welfare – but of course, there are many topics out there!

It has been great to watch the BOAAC grow in the last 8 years. They do a great job of ensuring the athlete voice is at the forefront of BOA decisions, it would be a privilege to be involved. Interacting with athletes has been a huge contributing factor to my enjoyment of international sport. They have motivated, encouraged and supported me, I would love the chance to give back to the athlete community by representing them on this commission.
Eric Boateng, Basketball - 2012

How often do you take the time to evaluate how YOU are? I know from my own experience that in the quest and single-minded vision to perform, I often forget to ask myself that simple question. I play in a relatively minority sport but that does not make the pressure on mind, body, soul less.

That is why I am asking for your vote today. So that the BOA ask that question, enquire and provide support and tools to ensure that you have all you need to be well and stay well throughout your athlete journey and beyond.

In my first term as a Commission member the BOA has launched a website exclusively engineered for athlete support and engagement. Established partnerships with respected companies dedicated to supporting athletes’ welfare, raising athlete/sports profiles – thus creating public awareness, excitement and support. My involvement has also seen the BOA take on a more proactive approach to issues regarding athlete transition/retirement, athlete wellbeing and key influencers in athlete success. More can be done!

So now I am asking you... How are YOU? Let me be the voice to bring hope and support no matter the size or popularity of your sport.
Jackie Lockhart, Curling - 1998, 2006, 2010

Having previously been a member of the inaugural Athletes’ Commission from 2010 – 2014 in what was a wonderful organisation with fantastic opportunities, I felt it necessary to step down to pursue and further my working career back in Shell UK the Oil & Gas company who supported me throughout my sporting career. It’s a further 4 years on and I’m once again happy to be in the position to provide my competitive life skills back to sport especially for those who are about to enter what is “an awe-inspiring spectacle of sporting endeavor” that of TEAM GB.

As a ‘role model’ I hope to inspire others with my effervescent energy and focus on values and depth in relationships covering hot topics crossing national to international level. I want others to be able to rely on me and will defend what you value with quiet determination and persistence. An Olympic athlete must be honest, generous and loyal, we can influence greatly with our inspiring stories teaching others to dream big and work hard so they too may achieve their own dreams.

I have 40 years of experience in my sport and still consider myself fortunate. Your vote would be appreciated.
Callum Skinner, Cycling Track - 2016

In the last few years I've become more interested and involved in making a difference and giving back to sport. I've always used my social media platform to voice reasoned opinions on sporting and societal issues. More recently I've tried to channel those opinions into other avenues that I hope will be more productive!

I currently sit on the British Cycling Rider Commission and the U.K. Anti-Doping Athlete Committee. The preservation of clean sport has become a passion of mine.

I've been privileged to present at a World Anti-Doping Association Symposium on TUE's (I was one of the athletes featured in the 'Fancy Bears' hack). I also attended the WADA Global athlete forum, there I learned how a greater athlete voice in sports governance can make a difference on so many issues.

Other areas I'm passionate about are LGBT rights in sport. I've played a big part in various Stonewall campaigns and I was the face of British Cycling's Pride activities this year. Having been an athlete at British Cycling during its most turbulent times in recent history, athlete welfare is something I'd like to see continually addressed.

Let’s keep winning but also improve welfare, we can do both.
Rachel Smith, Gymnastics Rhythmic - 2012

After captaining the first ever rhythmic gymnastics team to compete at an Olympic Games and like many others, experiencing a complicated transition out of sport, I chased my passion to support athletes by working as athlete support officer for the past two years. In addition, my desire to educate athletes surrounding the values of clean sport led me to become a UKAD educator, something I am heavily invested in.

I will soon start working for the International Olympic Committee as their Olympian Intern, producing content for their Athlete 365 platform and feel this will be a great opportunity to provide insight from my work with the IOC to the Athletes’ Commission and vice versa. I am highly interested in supporting the well-being of athletes within performance environments and pushing initiatives to increase the support available for this.

I am enthusiastic and experienced as both athlete and practitioner. I am also confident I can provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to progress the voice of the athletes to ultimately, shape the landscape of sport for fellow and future Olympians.
Kristian Thomas, Gymnastics Artistic - 2012, 2016

As a proud double Olympian I understand athletes should be the heart of every sporting organisation.

Athlete voices are the pillar of success in sport and crucial in shaping a high performance culture. Clean sport, and athlete centred programmes are two areas I personally feel extremely passionate about and they are vital to the continued growth and success of Team GB.

Recently retired from gymnastics, I am fortunate enough to have experienced elite sport over the past 10 years, including winning medals at all major championships. It’s these unique experiences which ignites my excitement for fellow athletes to maximise their potential.

I’m currently an athlete ambassador for British Gymnastics where my duty is to guide, support and optimise their welfare and performance.

It would be awesome to represent the Athletes’ Commission leading into Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022, offering my experience and perspective to best support athletes on their journey.
Simon Mantell, Hockey - 2008, 2016

I consider myself extremely lucky to have been one of a group of hockey players who were the first to be full time in Britain. Over a period of 11 years I played 212 times for England and Great Britain across 3 Olympic cycles. This playing career afforded me some incredible experiences, none more so than representing Team GB at two Olympic Games. It was a tremendous honour and I would relish the opportunity to try and help maintain and improve this experience for future athletes.

During my hockey career I had a number of injuries, including a broken foot 8 weeks ahead of the London 2012 games, and a concussion which lasted a year, returning to fitness just in time to compete in Rio 2016. I have now retired from International hockey and work in London.

Based on my experiences I am passionate about supporting other athletes dealing with major injuries, financial security, mental wellbeing and transition.

Current job: Business Development Manager at EY (Ernst & Young LLP)
Previous working experience: Internships at Goldman Sachs and BlackRock
Other roles held: European Hockey Federation Facilities Committee member
Other experience: Ad hoc public speaking and hockey commentary
Georgie Twigg, Hockey - 2012, 2016

I was lucky enough to win a Gold medal at Rio 2016 and a Bronze medal at London 2012 and have competed in many other major tournaments, at home and overseas. Having experienced the highs and lows of competing at the top level and the daily challenges athletes face, I can particularly appreciate the standards that need to be met and put in place when encountering different environments and cultures, such as accommodation, food, and training facilities.

Whilst training full time with the GB hockey team I juggled completing a law degree and various professional qualifications and am now a qualified solicitor at Bird & Bird LLP. I feel I will be able to use my experiences of not only balancing studies and training but also the transition from being a full time athlete into a career and the difficulties that can pose.

I am genuinely passionate about all sport and have always loved being part of a team, be it the GB women's hockey team or Team GB as a whole. I would love the opportunity to now use my past experiences to help future athletes succeed in fulfilling their dreams.
Alastair Wilson, Hockey - 2008, 2012

Following the London Games I retired from hockey but decided to pursue my passion for sport into my next career. Working initially at Sport England, I assessed funding applications for grassroots sports participation initiatives, before making a move to British Swimming to work in sponsorship marketing, managing relationships with sponsors. Since then I have moved to London and been employed by leading sports marketing agencies, collaborating with countless major brands, teams, league and events as clients. This work covers sponsorship strategy, sponsorship valuation, and management of the delivery of partnerships. Working on the commercial side of sport has given me a great range of experiences that I would want to bring to this role.

Despite no longer being a professional athlete, I care very deeply about Team GB and Olympic sport: about Team GB athletes being best prepared to reach their peak at the right time, about fair and transparent selection, about doing everything possible to make sure competition is clean and on a level playing field, and about making the Team GB Olympic experience as enjoyable, memorable and successful as possible.
Kelly Macdonald (nee Edwards), Judo - 2012

Having recently stopped competing after fourteen years on GB teams, I am passionate about giving back to sport and to help other athletes, for whom I have so much respect.

I am highly motivated to support and inform the systems and processes that I have experienced, for good and ill, through ‘preparing to compete’ and in ‘preparing to finish competing’. I’m fortunate to speak with many organisations and aspiring sportspeople; and my current role within a school PE department enables me to share my experiences, influence processes and hopefully inspire the journey towards personal excellence and active lifestyles.

I will work hard to ensure that I play an active part in understanding and raising awareness of athlete’s views and seek to improve the services and culture for Team GB athletes across all sports. My belief is that athlete centred systems need clear access to ‘safe’ mechanisms for expressing their views and needs, knowing that they will be respectfully listened to, and I would support this to the best of my ability.

I would be honoured to have the opportunity to use my experience and enthusiasm in representing you to be the best that you can be.
Adam Rosen, Luge - 2006, 2010, 2018

I am a three-times Olympian in the sport of Luge and have been competing at the top level of my sport for 20 years.

Coming from an unfunded programme I understand the pressures of balancing life and a job whilst maintaining a high level of performance. I see athlete welfare as a key area for improvement across the board and I would do whatever it takes to represent the interests of every athlete and to make sure we all have a voice.

It would be an honour to be selected to the Athletes’ Commission and to pass on the experiences that I have gained throughout my career while always listening and working for ways to improve athletes training and help, in and out of the competitive environment.
Robin Bourne-Taylor, Rowing - 2004, 2008

I have a huge passion for the role of the Athletes’ Commission, but importantly I possess the professional experience and multi-industry network to influence and support the paths of current athletes.

I came to Team GB through Oxford University, studying Engineering while competing in four University Boat Races and then the Athens Olympics. I understand the challenges and pressures from two very different Olympic experiences. While competing in Beijing I was concurrently a serving Army officer, and went on to receive the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for leadership in Afghanistan.

After elite sport I was CEO of two international engineering companies, with management of hundreds of people across eleven countries. I am currently Managing Director of an elite residential football and education academy in Africa, with charities in the UK & USA, and a professional club in the Danish Superliga. Relevant areas to this role include, leadership within major global sports partnerships and media activations; educational mentorship for youth and professional athletes into world class further education; personal mentorship of former athletes into new professional careers; helping young athletes build their brand profile while competing. I was recently recognised as an emerging global leader and awarded the prestigious Eisenhower Global Fellowship.
Alan Campbell, Rowing - 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016

All Olympians need effective and determined representation.

It is a common misconception that Olympians are in the business of sport. We are not! Olympians are in the pursuit of Dreams, the ultimate outcome of which means something different to each of us. Character and its constituents are the attributes that Olympians develop and unlike sporting attributes, character can be transferred into every pursuit.

Retiring after Rio, my sporting attributes have since faded, but my character is intact. I am passionate about the Olympics and continue to be inspired by the performances of Team GB, and I want to support you as you continue to throw your heart and soul into creating ever higher levels of performance.

I will listen to the issues that are important to you, but issues close to my heart where I have realistic ideas to offer are:

1. Athlete transition post retirement
2. Mental Health awareness and support
3. Transparent selection procedures.

Now working in financial services, I have added first rate communication and personal skills to the high levels of personal resilience and determination developed over a lifetime of sport. This will make me a strong and passionate advocate for the interests of all athletes.
Mark Hunter, Rowing - 2004, 2008, 2012

I’ve been privileged to be part of Team GB at three Olympic games. Each Olympic experience was personally different, from coming last in Athens, winning Gold in Beijing and Silver at London 2012. Through those three Olympic cycles, I witnessed and experienced the crucial and positive impact the BOA has in the build-up to, and most importantly during the Games, in regards to preparing athletes for the magnitude of the event and ultimately putting the performances of our athletes at the forefront.

Since the Athletes’ Commission started in 2010, it has been pivotal to the continued success of Team GB athletes, and helped enhance the brand of Team GB by connecting the present cohort of athletes together, along with engaging alumni to share insight and prepare the next generation. I wish to be part of the Commission using my experiences as an athlete, as well as what I’ve learned post-retirement, working in sports charities, tech, and now personal development. I want to bring this unique insight to the Commission and work alongside other individuals who are equally passionate about sport and Team GB success, collaborating as a team, so the needs, wants and must-haves for our biggest assets are met.
Tom Ransley, Rowing - 2012, 2016

I have competed in two Olympic Games and numerous international rowing championships. Throughout my career I have amassed a wealth of experience. I would like to use this experience to further the interests of Team GB athletes. I would seek to improve Team GB’s performance capabilities whilst retaining the highest standards of athlete welfare. These dual focuses would be at the forefront of my decision-making process.

I am an Olympic and European Champion and a multiple World and National Champion. I am preparing for Tokyo 2020, and my last result was a bronze medal at the World Rowing Championships in 2018. In addition to the excitement of racing and the joy of winning I also know the lows of elite sport. I’ve had my share of injuries, illnesses and losses. For example; after rehabilitating a serious back injury I retained my seat in the 2013 British Eight. We went on to win the Australian World Cup, and in doing so broke the Sydney Olympic course record. Before Team GB, I studied History and Management at Cambridge University whilst competing in successive Boat Races. I support The Prince’s Trust and previously volunteered within their ‘Public Affairs, Policy and Strategy’ department.
Jon Eley, Short Track Speed Skating - 2006, 2010, 2014

I am a former Short Track Speed Skater and a three-time Olympian, whose leadership skills and clear alignment to the values of One Team GB led to my appointment as flag bearer and team captain at Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, the proudest moment in my career.

My philosophy in sport is that it takes a team to win, this is why I am driven to support the team behind the team. This belief has developed through 18 years’ experience in the High-Performance Sports System as an athlete and now Academy Manager at GB Short Track. I have a strong passion for developing people and have seen the positive impact an athlete focused environment and positive culture has. I am keen to continue to drive such an environment within Team GB.

As a current member of the Athletes’ Commission, I would relish the opportunity to continue to work closely with the British Olympic Association (BOA) to support the great work of the Commission. Please vote for me, as I strongly believe that it is vital that the athletes’ voice continues to be at the heart of the BOA to sustain and grow the success of Team GB.
Alain Baxter, Skiing Alpine - 1998, 2002, 2006

I feel I could be a useful member of the Athletes’ Commission with my experience as an athlete, business and being a father.

I competed with the British ski team for 18 years, during that time racing in three Olympic Games and seven World Championships. Retiring from racing in 2009, I set up my business Alain Baxter Sports, the main part of that business is ski boot fitting where I work with elite athletes, ski instructors and the general public.

I have coached at the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival since retiring and also work coaching all different levels, national team, clubs, ski instructors and military. I have three children 11, 10 and 8 who are all now racing.
Aimee Fuller, Skiing Snowboarding - 2014, 2018

I am really excited to put myself forward for this opportunity. Having competed in two Olympic Winter Games, representing the country, wearing the flag proud and being given the opportunity to perform at the top level was a dream I never thought could come true.

I believe I understand the values and ethics of One Team GB. Having been part of a more cultural, minority and male dominated sport, then being introduced to the Olympic arena I was aware of the difficulties of managing performance and lifestyle. In snowboarding we help and encourage each other as a community, and I love doing that. I am excited at the idea of making other future Olympians experiences as amazing as possible and I'd appreciate the opportunity to help our British Olympians through the Athletes’ Commission.
Vicky Holland, Triathlon - 2012, 2016

Having been to two Olympic Games and having reached the dreaded status of ‘senior athlete’ I’m in a position where I feel like I could give back to sport. I would love to do this as a part of the BOA AC.

I’ve seen what works well, what doesn’t and I feel like I have a good handle on what’s important as an athlete.

I’m a talker, but also a good listener and like to think I’m approachable – I’ll happily take on board your queries and concerns and I won’t shy away from a debate if necessary!

It’s really important that athletes have a voice and I would love to take on the challenge and responsibility of making sure yours is heard. I can’t claim to have done a similar role to this before, and I’m no politician, but I can promise to give it my best shot!