Candidate Data Appearing in the Ballot

Poll Group: Election of Graduates to Governing Authority 2017

Poll: Governing Authority Graduate Election to fill two seats, November 2017
Liam Carroll

Liam is 24 years old and from East Limerick. He initially obtained an LLB Degree in Law before going on to study for his LLM (Masters) at the University of Limerick. Liam is a qualified Barrister, having been admitted to the Degree of Barrister-at-Law at the Honorable Society of Kings Inns. He has also been called to the Bar of Ireland and is a member of the Law Library of Ireland. Liam has worked in criminal, civil and family law in both Limerick and Dublin and has worked with the Legal Services Department of the HSE. He has also worked in the Research & Policy Division of the DPP. He continues to practise as a Barrister. Liam believes that the Governing Authority of the University of Limerick requires a young, recent graduate in order to develop a greater rapport with other recent graduates. Liam's mother, brother and partner are all current UL students.

Colin Clarke

Elected President of the Students' Union by my peers after graduation, I became the primary representative for over 14,000 students and managed a team of ten full-time and 50 part-time staff. My responsibilities included representing students on over 30 committees, spearheading campaigns, lobbying national Government, marketing and event management and co-compiling a budget of over €1.2 million. I successfully managed and led a referendum campaign for the introduction of a student levy to contribute to the development of a new campus student center and sports facilities worth €28 million. I've served as a member of Governing Authority during my year as President which included sitting on Governing Authority sub-committees including; Access and Student Affairs, Campus Development, Finance and was nominated to sit on the Presidential Search Board. I have experience and insight into both student life and governing procedures and would love the opportunity to represent alumni on GA for the next 5 years. I'm currently working as a brand manager with BlueChief Social which is a social media marketing agency based in Limerick.

Sarah Jane Hennelly

I am originally from Castlebar, County Mayo. I came to UL to study Politics in 2006. I graduated with a Masters in European Integration in 2012. In 2011, I was elected Postgraduate Student’s Union President. I worked with students representing their interests on 20+ boards and committees across the campus. After this, I spent 2 years as a research assistant in the Graduate Entry Medical School working on projects in mental health, general practice and public health. In 2014 I stood as an independent candidate in the local elections for Limerick City East. Since then, I have worked primarily in the city centre community & voluntary sector. I was manager of MyMind, a community-based mental health and well-being service before commencing in PAUL Partnership as Community Development officer from January 2016. In PAUL, I worked with community-based groups from disadvantaged communities on growth and development, advising on governance, recruitment, funding, HR and research. I was a founding member of the Social Democrats political party, standing as the party’s first General Election candidate for Limerick city in 2016. I drove the establishment of the city’s first branch, now with 30 active members locally. I was elected the party’s National Chairperson in 2016. I chair the National executive committee & the National council made up of 60 delegates from across the country. My role involves strategic oversight in membership growth, fundraising, party development and constitutional interpretation. I am a director of Garryowen Community Development Committee and Limerick Mental Health Association.

Jason Power

Having entered the University of Limerick as an alternative entry ACCESS student I am passionate about equality of access to education and the opportunities it presents. After completing my undergraduate teaching degree and postgraduate degree here I am proud to call myself a UL Alumni. I have seen first-hand the incredible things that individuals can achieve when given a chance, but I have also witnessed the financial strain which has impacted our nation and the opportunities that it has taken away. It is my view that denying an individual access to education is the worst kind of wasted potential. While we must as a country strive for economic development, we must not forget education is a potent force for societal change. We are a society first, an economy second. Since the collapse tough decisions have had to be made. But now as we start to emerge from a very dark period in our shared past we have a new opportunity. An opportunity to open doors, to support those who have much to offer but who have been yet to be given a chance. If given the opportunity I intend to open the door wider for the betterment of our University and our society.

Nicolaj Riley

Alongside my studies at UL I have strongly enjoyed my part time work and extracurricular activities. I have always had a strong interest in corporate strategy and financial management, which is why I chose to work for CIBO’s team as a business analyst in charge of financial investment and strategic development after graduation. Through my studies and work I have developed strong analytical skills and a very structured problem solving approach. These skills will undoubtedly be utilized on the UL Governing Authority, if I am elected. Furthermore I believe my business and corporate law background and strong personal drive will contribute to a diverse team with a wide range of capabilities. I believe my corporate experience, knowledge as well as educational background will be the kind of skills desired.

Una Ryan

My name is Una Ryan and I hail from Toomevara in Tipperary. I am delighted to be nominated to run for the UL Governing Authority Graduate Election. I am a firm believer in continuous personal and professional development. I have ample skillsets, acquired throughout my educational and practical life experiences, appropriate for this role. In 2015, I became a UL graduate with a BA in English and History. Since graduating, I have continued working with Enable Ireland. My role involves working with children with additional needs. This role is extremely enjoyable and engaging. I am an active member of Macra na Feirme. Macra na Feirme is a rural youth organisation, with various levels of activities for members. Since 2014, I began my term as National Council Representative for my region of North Tipperary and my term will be ending in May 2018. In 2015, I was elected as the organisations National Secretary, a role I held until 2016. In May 2016, the National AGM was held in Nenagh, Tipperary and I chaired the organising committee for this evening. I have recently commenced the Certificate in Agriculture/Specific Purpose Certificate in Farm Administration (Green Cert) in Gurteen Agricultural College. I believe I’m an excellent candidate as I am extremely hardworking and highly motivated, with excellent interpersonal skills. I can work on my own initiative, as well as contribute to a group environment.