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Poll Group: Election for School of Science and Health - Academic Committee Undergraduate Student

Poll: Election for School of Science and Health - Academic Committee Undergraduate Student
Brooke Emerton

I Brooke Emerton wish to nominate myself for the academic committee within the school of science and health at Western Sydney University. I am currently within the final year of a Bachelors Degree in Natural Science (Animal Science) through the school of science and health at the Hawkesbury campus. I am a full time mature aged student with a professional background including 4 years as a NSW Police Officer as well as 6 ½ years Australian Military service. My professional experience would be beneficial to a position involving leadership and governance as I carried out these duties during my time as a Police Officer. I have read the requirement of this role and believe that I would no issues fulfilling the obligations required whilst studying. I have attached a photo as requested below. Please also note that I have nominated myself for this position and the undergraduate senate position.

For your consideration,

Brooke Emerton
Haruka Shojima-Perera

My name is Haruka Shojima-Perera – I am a second year student in Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine) and currently work as a Disability Support Worker as well. Through my work, I practice critically assessing information and decisions to suit individuals and groups based on their independent needs and interests – a skill, and passion, that I believe makes me a uniquely qualified candidate to fill the undergraduate representative vacancy for the School of Science and Health. Having been a student at other universities in the past, and currently a student representative for my cohort, I have observed and experienced what works on the student level, and what does not. This is something that has urged me to have a committed interest in delivering high quality resources for students to optimise our learning experience while studying here at WSU. To be a student voice to the University’s decision-making bodies would be an honour and privilege that I would be proud to serve.

Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Haruka Shojima-Perera
Jasmine Carrasco

Kassandra Morgan

Liahni Britton

My name is Liahni Britton and I am studying the Bachelor of Science. I have nominated myself for the undergraduate position for the School of Science and Health Academic Committee. This is so that I can make a contribution to the university.
Due to the nature of my degree, I have completed units across the three main science campuses and I usually spend all day on campus when I have a class on the day. This allows me to provide an insight from the perspective of each campus that someone who only studies on one may not necessarily have.
Normardy Tanaka Jokomo

Reivan Al-Dood

Ritta AlHaddad

Sajaa Kanaani

Sophie Cornett

My name is Sophie Cornett, and I am a first-year student studying Bachelor of Medical Science (Advanced) at Campbelltown.

I am applying to represent the students as a member of the Academic Committed for the School of Science and Health because I believe that everyone who attends Western Sydney should have a voice about the academic initiatives and values that are important to the institute. As a member of the student body, I would be dedicated to providing an informed student perspective on matters affecting the university.

I believe my experience as a school leader at Magdalene High School and a supporter of various social justice initiatives, including the St Vincent De Paul Society and Share the Dignity, has given me the confidence to be a vocal and supportive member of this committee. Furthermore, I have a strong academic record, which is testament to my determination to always work hard, which I would continue to do as a member of this committee.

I am a person who is ready to listen and is not afraid to work hard to get things done, and I believe these are qualities which make me a respectable candidate for this committee.
Vaibhav (V) Dagg

Good Afternoon,

Upon receiving the email conforming that my nomination is received forUndergraduate student on the School of Science and Health Academic Committee"

I was asked to submit the following:
Full name: Vaibhav Dagg
School: Science and Health
Course and academic year: Environmental Science, 2019

Qualifications and experience:

- Completed Year 12.
- Was in SRC while in High school.
- Completed Diploma in Environmental Monitoring and Technology
- worked with AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) and with NSW Electoral Commission as a part day assistant.
Warm Regards
Vaibhav Dagg