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Swinburne University of Technology Staff and Student Elections
   2016 Election of Staff Member to Council
      2016 Election of Staff Member to Council
   2016 Election of Student to Council
      2016 Election of Student to Council

Poll Group: Swinburne University of Technology Staff and Student Elections

Poll Group: 2016 Election of Staff Member to Council

Poll: 2016 Election of Staff Member to Council
Mary Dunkley

I seek your support as your staff representative on Swinburne Council. For over two decades I have been an active Swinburne academic supported by a warm and generous Swinburne community. I joined Swinburne as a sessional academic, progressing to Level D through the promotion path. Early in my career, experience in Swinburne International, the establishing of Unlink, combined with convenorship of the large Accounting and Finance units equipped me with a breadth of understanding about the value of an intersectoral university to both the domestic and international market. I bring to the role extensive corporate governance experience through appointment on a Victorian Government Board, Professional Body committee(s) and council, and advisory board of a large publically listed corporation.
As a Department Chair- Accounting, Economics and Finance (and more recently Acting Dean –SBS) I bring a financial strength and a knowledge of the decision making processes and the strategic direction of the University, cognisant of the importance of maintaining and enhancing our Swinburne culture.
I encourage you to exercise your vote and personally would be honoured to represent my SUT colleagues on council.

Rodney Thomson

Rod Thomson has nominated for the Swinburne Staff Member on the Swinburne University of Technology Council. As a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) and also a member of Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD); I am well credentialed and experienced to provide valued, informed and proactive contribution to the University Council as the elected Swinburne staff representative. My financial and governance skills and experiences will allow effective and diligent insight into these areas. As the current Director of the Swinburne Student Amenities Association I have an integral role in supporting a collaborative and progressive environment for students, staff and the University.
I am personally and truly committed to the aims and challenges of this role and will be a worthy staff representative wiht the interests of the Swinburne community paramount.

Luke Alao

Objective: Strength my support for the following Swinburne Behaviours:

(1) Communicate – Have the conversation, respect each other’s differences, give meaningful feedback, and share honestly and openly
Listen & Learn – Learn from one another, actively listen to each other, resolve conflict and be innovative
(2) Collaborate – Work constructively together with a common purpose to achieve the University’s goals
(3) Trust – be open to and with others, act with fairness and respect, inspire positive expectations and communicate honestly
(4) Act – Have a strong sense of immediacy, take practical action and see it through

Catherine Rojas

I studied teaching at the University of Melbourne and worked 9 years for Monash University and 8 years for Swinburne. I have worked across many areas of higher education in a variety of roles including finance, research, physical and human resources, safety, accreditation, and quality in teaching. My expertise is a methodical and team based approach which is what has allowed me to deliver successful outcomes across so many areas. I enjoy an extensive network of colleagues from my various roles and as an NTEU representative. I am currently the NTEU Swinburne Branch Vice-President for General Staff and a member of the NTEU Victorian Division and National Councils. I believe that education and research is a public investment in our future and for the benefit of all. In an era of selling education and research as products, it will be the dedication to academic integrity and quality education and research that will endure. My contribution will focus on how Swinburne manages risk, delivers its vision and how it measures success. I have the utmost respect for my colleagues who have inspired my passion for the sector. This is an opportunity to validate and share all that I learn from you.

Mehran Motamed Ektesabi

Mehran Ektesabi has completed his Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering (B.Tech.-1982), his Postgraduate Master degree in Electrical Engineering - Control Engineering and Instrumentation (M.Tech.-1984) and his PhD in Electrical Engineering - Power Electronics (PhD -1989). His Proposed Switching Strategy for Motor Drive systems during his PhD research has won the UNESCO AWARD -1989.
He has more than 30 years’ experience in Industries & academia. He has two international patents in the field of Motor Control and winner of many national & international awards.
At present, he is with Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology, at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. He has been Research Higher Degree Coordinator of faculty of Engineering and Industrial sciences for more than three years. He is an active member of IEEE, founder Chair of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) Victorian Chapter and Consular of IEEE branch in Swinburne. He is executive editor, editor & reviewer of many national & international reputed Journals & Conferences.
His major areas of expertise and research are Power Electronics, Electric Motor Control Systems, Power Quality Controllers, Energy Saving and Compatibility, Renewable Energy Systems, Intelligent and Autonomous Control, Soft Computing Adaptive Control and System Identification.

Sally McArthur

Sally joined Swinburne in 2008 and has held a variety of teaching and research leadership roles including ADR+E in FEIS and FSET, Director of IRIS and Discipline Leader of Biomedical Engineering. She represents the University on the NCRIS-funded Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN) Collaboration Committee and Biomedical Research Victoria Scientific Advisory Council.
Much of Sally's research is undertaken in collaboration with industry across a range of sectors including manufacturing and medical technologies. Her work at the interface between industry and Universities was recognized in 2016 with the BioMelbourne Most Valuable Women in Leadership Award.
Sally has extensive experience building new taught course programs in the US, UK and Australia and have received over $14M in research and related funding since 2000. She has research partnerships in the UK, US, Switzerland and across Australia and is the Associate Editor for the journals Biointerphases and Scientific Reports as well as numerous funding agencies including the EU FP7 and H2020 schemes.

Gavin Melles

I have been with Swinburne University since 2006 and have served as a member of Academic Senate for three years and have held various middle management roles for internationalization and department leadership. I have made strong teaching and research connections across the university in other faculties and I look forward to continuing to contribute teaching, research and guidance to students in the coming years. Becoming a Council Member would be a meaningful culmination to my prior and current roles and enable an even more informed view of the direction and strategy of the university into the future especially with a view to its ambitions to lead in social and economic innovation in Australia.

Jacqueline Berry

I have been employed at Swinburne University for many years. During this time I have worked in a variety of roles in both Faculties and University departments. I commenced as an administrator in the Faculty of Business, then Assistant Registrar (Faculty of Applied Science) to become HED Manager of Student Administration for 3 campuses. For the past few years I worked in the Faculty of Design as Industry Placement Coordinator, before joining Professional Placements as a result of the ISM. Currently I am heavily involved in the implementation of the Swinburne Advantage and WIL offerings together with the rollout of InPlace, a placement system which will support all placements across the University. These are key University strategies to ensure the employability of our graduates.I believe I have the knowledge and passion to make a meaningful contribution to the future direction of the University and I have always shown loyalty and commitment to the University's aims.

Gage Rossiter

I have nominated myself because I believe that I have the required mix of skills, knowledge and experience. My feet are firmly planted on the ground and I have never hesitated to say what I think regardless of possible career consequences.

I have served on the Swinburne University Council (1999, 2000 – 2001, 2006 – 2007) and I have broad understanding of Vocational, Higher and PG Education.

I have been employed by Swinburne since 1999, originally as a TAFE teacher, then Senior Educator (Hospitality and Tourism). After Lilydale, I was redeployed to the Department of Business at Hawthorn as Senior Educator then Team Leader. I am currently seconded to Foundation and Pathways as Team Leader.

My other experience includes; President, Australian Society of Wine Education 2002 – 2005, President, Victorian Association of Microbrewers Inc. 2004 – 2005, Secretary; Victorian Association of Dispute Resolution 2011 – 2012. I was a Governor on Council appointment, as Sessional Panel Member, to The Liquor Licensing Panel 2004 – 2008. I have been employed as Director of four private companies since 1990. I have broad experience in business including; retail, wholesale, manufacturing, brewing, writing, exporting, consulting, training, mediation, and even a little television production.

Stewart Detez

My name is Stewart Detez and I seek your support to represent PAVE and the outer east campuses.
I have worked at Swinburne University since March 2004, commencing as a sessional teacher and progressing to my current position as Team Leader for Horticulture and Environment, PAVE.
I am passionate about teaching, the student experience, the developement of career pathways, innovation and emerging technologies.
I am a firm believer in HE and PAVE working closer together to deliver cutting edge education, life changing experiences and opportunities for all students undertaking studies with us.
I work closely with my colleges, both within the team and with other departments from both sectors, to promote training and to assist Swinburne University to be the best it can be in providing adult education.
I have served on the Academic Senate from December 2013 to December 2015, participating in the Academic Senate Courses Committee during this time.
I have a Graduate Certificate in Competitive Systems and Practices
and Diploma of Vocational Education and Training Practices.
Between 2008 and 2012, Board Member, Landscaping Victoria. The main appointments in this role was Education advisor and Chief Judge for the Industry Awards.
Help me to better represent Vocational Education

Seth Jones

Seth Jones has two young daughters and wants to ensure they have the same chances he enjoyed. A strong university and vocational sector educating and developing a technically skilled population is fundamental.

Seth joined Swinburne Knowledge, the commercialisation unit at Swinburne University of Technology 14 years ago, in 2002, taking on the unit leadership, as Director, in 2012. The team has reviewed multiple disclosures, coordinated government grants, commercial agreements, established spin-outs and managed commercial, academic and industrial relationships. Recent cases being astrophysics based IMAX movie projects incorporating people, infrastructure and technology and successfully negotiating an exit from a university spin-out. In 2007 he completed a 12-month internship with venture capital manager Starfish Ventures.

He has 20 years commercial experience within a range of business areas including human resources, market research, demographic marketing and academia working with consulting, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, IT/telecommunication and retail industries on numerous projects. These included the development of plans for multi-store franchises and territory management regions. At Accenture and Pacific Dunlop he specialized in operational change, financial risk analysis and compliance of customer groups.

Seth is a Principal of Oxford Consulting Associates, Director of Purple Panda and CEO of Swinburne Ventures. The latter two are university ventures.

Ann Mitsis

I began with Swinburne University of Technology in 2008 as a Lecturer in Marketing. I have held leadership roles within the Business Faculty including Deputy Chair of the Department of Marketing, Tourism and Social Impact in 2015 and the Faculty's Honours Coordinator from 2009 to 2013. My active involvement within the faculty has given me a great appreciation and a thorough understanding of the complexities we face. I have always had an active interest in how universities operate and my PhD examined the formation and development of consumer-based brand equity within universities, particularly the antecedents to student-based brand equity, recommendation and brand advocacy behaviour creation and its implication for the strategic branding decision by universities in domestic and international markets. I believe that my skill set and intimate understanding of our university will be an asset to University Council.

Susan Rossell

I am an internationally recognised academic and clinician. I can bring to Swinburne Council a range of different skills that span a number of areas, these include substantial research experience, including extensive knowledge of international, national (NHMRC, ARC) and philanthropic granting systems; international, national (including extensive local) knowledge of health care providers and useful health services related information; substantial experience in the supervising and teaching of higher degrees students; development of undergraduate teaching modules in health sciences; development of policies and procedure documentation, and most importantly over 10 years’ experience in senior leadership and management roles across three major Melbourne universities, as well as on national and international committees and organisations.
I am disciplined, creative and hardworking. I would like to use my diverse skill base to assist the university in achieving its goals at a more global level rather than just at the department and faculty level.

Geoffrey Brooks

I am Professor of Engineering and have worked at Swinburne for a decade. My passion for the institution goes back to my days as a student in the 1980s, when I studied Arts in the evening while working as an Engineer during the day. During my time at Swinburne, I played a key role in the growth of the MASH centre, established the world class Robert Simpson High Temperature Laboratory and led the team that created the Factory of the Future. I am committed to ensuring that Swinburne maintains high standards in education and research, whilst providing opportunities to the wider community. If elected I would do my best to ensure that the University has the right strategies in place to provide long term success for the institution. I will listen to my colleagues and speak out on issues of importance to the staff.

Sharon Rice

I was an elected staff member on Swinburne's University Council and served in the role for over 5 years. I fully understand the the role of Governance and the importance of contributing in that role. I am a member of the Academic Senate and was Deputy Chair for two years. Currently I am the Chair of the Academic Quality and Standards Committee which is a sub committee of Senate. I provide reports through this committees to Academic Senate that inform governance in academic matters.

I have extensive knowledge across all areas of dual sector education and a committment and passion to achieve the best for the University.Having worked in Swinburne for sixteen years, across a range of portfolios, I am fully aware of the strategic directions of the university and work to achieve these in my executive management position within PAVE.

With an Indigenous colleague, I was responsible for development and launch of Swinburne's first Reconcilliation Action Plan. This required extensive consultation with Senior Executive, local community groups, student representatives and other stakeholders. I have been a champion for the roll out of our RAP. I am also a board member of the SSAA.

Yosry Morsi

Dear Colleagues
I am here to be your voice
Most of you know who I am and what I stand for
To add value to Swinburne and present the true feelings of my colleagues to better our standing nationally and internationly
So if you think I can be your voice vote for me

Irene Moser

I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering and in my ninth year of employment at Swinburne. I am an HDR advisor and course director, teach IT-related subjects and research in the area of optimisation. I take an interest in the way the university is run and would welcome the opportunity to participate and and contribute to the governance of the university.

Poll Group: 2016 Election of Student to Council

Poll: 2016 Election of Student to Council
Kelvin Chan

Currently, I am doing an honour year of biotechnology at Swinburne
In 2014, I completed a graduate diploma of biotechnology at Latrobe University.
Year 2013-Current, I have worked as a Taxation officer for TAC
Year 2012-June 2013, I worked as a Scientific Laboratory Technician for Lalor North Secondary College.

Estadi Ng

I hope with my candidacy, I can bring more experience to University students about Business Entepreneurship and cultural diversity, so every swinburne students can learn more about how to be an Entepreneur in every culture diversity.

I am also try my best to introduce zero waste concept to our students, so I hope that in the future, Swinburne University of Technology can become number one university who introduce zero waste around campus.

Sahil Chinubhai Patel

I am 19 years old. I am living in Australia from approx 1 Year.
I have numbers of friends in Swinburne University as great unity.
I am going to study up to October 2018. I am full-time student.

Matueny Marial Luke Kerding

Dear Members
As Student at Swinburne University of Technology for 3 years studying Master of Aviation Management, l wish to nominated myself for the 2016 Election of Student to Council as a member because l have a vested interest in assuring that our complex and value of our universities higher policies are maintained.

l have lived in Australia for 11 years served on the board of directors of South Sudanese Community Association of WA INC as Chairman.

Also l have served as current Chairman of African Communities Students Organisation Support of Australia.

In 2013 l have contested for Australian Federal Government Election at Stirling of WA as candidate.

Brendan Spackman-Williams


This position is one of, if not, the most important position a student can hold at Swinburne and requires experience, professionalism, time, knowledge of Swinburne and an ability to be proactive. That is why I am the best candidate for this role.

I am now in my seventh year at Swinburne studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Management) degree with a Commercial Law co-major. Over the years I have chaired the Student Representative Council and been involved in the Student Union for the last five years. Last year I was President and this year I am its General Secretary. I have also sat on the Executive of the National Union of Students and am currently the Chair of the Swinburne Bookshop Co-Operative. I also attended the G20 Youth Forum in 2014 and chaired the session on Technology in Education.

I have met with University Council on a number of occasions and already have well established relationships with the majority of the University Executive as well as the Chancellor Graham Goldsmith. I have a wealth of directorship experience, understand Swinburne, the education sector and the importance of this role.

Feel free to contact me if you like.
0421 846 181

Allisha Oxley

As an active Swinburne Online student based in Melbourne, I have the ability to provide valuable insights to the council about the direction of future learning from a virtual students perspective.

I currently work within the Communications department at ANZ and have a keen interest in helping to provide a mission and strategy that will ensure Swinburne's future is a successful one.

I have experience in writing policies and procedures for teams based outside of Australia for internal communications and as a result have an understanding of legal requirements that must be met within Australia and internationally.

I am a team player and always make decisions based on the best interest of everyone.

Vania Japri

I will try to do the best that I can as a member of Student Council

Nyuon Nyuon

My name is Nyuon K. Nyuon, I'm studying Bachelor of Biomedical Science here in Swinburne University of Technology, I being here for 5 years I'am a keen passion person, I think I can fit for the position,through this semester one FHAD session was helpful for me personally

Philip Palenkas

My name is Philip and I would be honoured to represent you as your student council member. I am a biomedical science graduate and currently undertaking studies in public and environmental health and actively volunteer with key community organisations including, the Salvation Army, Scouts Australia and Eastern Health (Human Research Ethics Committee). With my experiences, first and foremost, as a student who has attended 3 universities in Melbourne, I unequivocally make an exceptional candidate for the position, possessing the capacity to recognise the needs of our internal and external communities.

With your gracious support and my preeminent knowledge of ethical principles, together with an aptitude for leadership, I will promote the University’s values to the community and advocate, on your behalf, the values important to you and your peers, such as obtaining an education that is pertinent in today’s rapidly changing world. As a student, I appreciate the sacrifices and struggles that we’ve all had to battle and overcome in order to achieve our dreams. That is why, in my position on the council, I will make our issues pre-eminent, because quite frankly, Swinburne would not be exist, if it were not for devoted students like you and I.

William Naughton-Gravette

Having arrived at Swinburne this year, I've come to appreciate the vast clockwork that is keeping the place running, and find it a fascinating prospect to be a part of that process. In the past, I have served on community and high school advisory boards which sought to guide student policy and allocate funds for student programs. Additionally, as a business owner I am well versed in administration and management aspects of such a role. I am an arts student majoring in politics and international relations, with an interest in policy development. I do feel I would be able to serve the student council well.

Nupoor Jayendra Naik

hello i am a post grad student from network systems. i look forward to be a part of the council as it will help in betterment of my knowledge regarding university and help build up personality and future aspects. it will also help in enhancing communication skills and knowing new people.

Juliana Fareed

I agree that if I am the successful candidate, I will:

1. Comply with the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s Directors’ Code of Conduct, University legislation and the University’s Governance Framework including the Council Charter

2. Undertake the role as a Council member for the benefit of the University, rather than as a representative of a stakeholder group

3. Comply with all duties and rules that govern all Council members including confidentiality obligations

4. Provide any declarations required of all Council members

I agree to the above.

Nasiba Akbari

Well I'm looking forward to opportunity that could gave me experience as well as I share my skills and whatever I have got as an idea or development to a place to express and this is the position that I could review my idea and listen to others and from sharing with others we delevelp a skill and get experience therefore I nominate myself into this .

Margaret Wambui Ngugi

I would love to get the opportunity to be nominated to serve as a council member of Swinburne University. This would help me be more involved with the University apart from my studies and clubs I have joined. It would also equip me with leadership and mentorship skills that I can apply to the rest of my life. It is my aspiration that I may be able to give back to Swinburne for the incredible opportunities it has given me, by serving on the council. Furthermore, it would be an honour to be trusted with the service of problem solving and looking for solutions to better Swinburne's governing body for the students and staff. I believe that it is important for students to get the most that they can out of their education, in order to be able to make the world a better place by all means possible. It is this that has inspired me today to apply to be nominated to Swinburne's Council as a member. It is my hope that you will entrust me with this opportunity to be the best I can be while helping others be the best they can be, as a council member.

Esin Eraslan

On behalf of taking part in the '2016 Election of Student to Council' would be a very opportunity for me as I'm experienced with the best role model, respect and loyalty in taking part of something I want to achieve and help others on.

Johan Kurniawan

My reason for nomination of myself is that I would like to involve in shaping this university's future. I will devote myself in helping this university to develop and monitor its strategic mission and direction, and business plan that would benefit not only for students and staffs but also the community as a whole. I have studied at Swinburne university since 2014. I am passionate about science and math and have achieved distinction average for my study.

Kind regards

Johan Kurniawan

Douglas Okanya Ojwiya

After having read the terms and conditions and everything else that are attached to this responsibility, i thought it will be a good time for me to give it a try.


Clarrissa Carson

My name is Clarrissa Carson. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business, Management with Swinburne Online.

Studying online has taught me the necessary organisational and time management skills required to succeed. It has allowed me the flexibility to continue working in my high level management role within the Medical Industry, and to develop the skills required to strategically make decisions involving risk and compliance, and manage organisational change.

I am a passionate and highly motivated person, with a strong sense of justice. I believe strongly in bringing communities together and providing equal opportunities for all, and using my voice when others may not be heard. I strive to contribute to my community and be a change maker, and I am committed to ensuring that all individuals have the opportunity to learn in an inclusive and supportive environment.

I believe the experience I have gained throughout my professional and academic lives, will provide me with the necessary skills to assist the Council in making decisions that will benefit the students of Swinburne University.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to being your representative.

Bela Soomro

i would like to participate in this elections as i want to be a part of such a great university. i would like to be more involved and active and work for my uni.

Gareth Higgins

I'm a fourth and final year student enrolled in a Bachelor of Communication Design and a Bachelor of business, majoring in Marketing. I'm passionate, creative and hard working and find my degree, staff, and services offered at Swinburne perfect to combine business and creativity into a practical sense.

Additionally I'm founder and president of a student union with over 150+ and frequently volunteer and help out when the opportunity allows. This is great to actively get involved and contribute to Swinburne as well as allow myself to meet and work alongside heaps great, passionate new people. I also volunteer as Marketing Manager at a not-for-profit where I can have directly applied theory learned from Swinburne into business scenarios. Furthermore, my interpersonal skills have develop drastically since being at Swinburne which has proved invaluable in conducting meetings and delegating tasks where relationship management is key.

I have immense amount respect and enthusiasm for Swinburne and would be delighted to further contribute and being involved with this great university.

Rakesh Parayil Parameswaran Nair

I would like to serve as a council member.

Pauline Csuba

I have the ability to act as a good role model and be a positive influence for the Swinburne FHAD faculty and Student Council along with presenting myself in a professional manner to represent our University. I am a friendly and approachable person who as a confident leader is dynamic and strong in communication. I am a motivated and organised student in good academic standing who is willing to learn and serve others in a supportive leadership role. Outgoing I am committed to positive change. I work well individually and as part of a team. I have the ability to help identify and foster the growth of future leaders. I enjoy meeting, motivating and working with others.
I have had many opportunities to get involved with volunteering, rover help desk, mentoring on campus to develop skills I already possess, as well as gain new ones. I enjoy interacting with a wide variety of people. I am comfortable with public speaking and ready to commit to and deliver the necessary outcomes to represent Swinburne FHAD in a manner reflected in the high quality and reputation consistent with our University.

Quoc Anh Dinh

As an international student, I am eager to learn new knowledge from all kind of activities, not just studying only. That's the critical reason for me to try for a position in our organization.

Secondly, I had 3 year experiences working in human resources department of Samsung Electronics Vietnam. This is not a long-time working experience so that I still have to learn more in order to be suitable candidate for the post but a 3-year-working experience somehow can help me to get use to it faster.

Besides, since my university time, I have been performing as a member of a salsa club and took part in many team performances. My social skill can help me to make friend easier whenever I participate in any social activities.

Last but not least, I am now taking a master course and just only have 4 sessions per week, which mean I have quite a lot spare time to take part in social activities with 100% focus.

Andy Pongsavath

It is with great passion and enthusiasm that I respectfully submit my application to serve on the Board of the Swinburne University of Technology Council. Over the years, Swinburne has turned to the council for information, support and resources on many issues related to public policy, the state budget, resource opportunities and more. My interest in serving on the University Council Board of Directors stems from my life work, and passion in collaborating with people in the educational arena, and my strong belief in social change.

Having been an Executive Director/CEO for Business Without Borders for over a year, I offer my administrative experience to serve this organization. I.e. Fund development, grant writing, strategic planning and board development, I have seen the breadth and depth of issues non-profits face.

I’m currently undertaking a dual graduate degree, Master of Business
Administration and Master of Strategic Foresight.

I want to challenge the status quo and address taboo issues such as organisational culture, processes and structure. Psycho-politics plays a vast role in our organisation, and cosmetic diversity will all be my focal point, and rectified once appointed to the board. Also, advocate for social equality and equity for all stakeholders’ present and future.

Jasmine Harrison

I'm a second time Swinburne University Student, I'm interested in making sure Swinburne is and remains a top tier university not only in Australia but world wide. I have 20 years of Marketing experience and i'm especially interested in the commercial activities of the University.

Joshua Ton

I have qualifications that will further enhance the well being of students at Swinburne.
- I currently possess the Silver International Duke of Edinburgh for my services at High School.
- I represented the Charity Council of my school to support both the poverty and medical treatments.
- I've also contributed to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service in Geelong as well as organizing the Red Cross Door Knock for a year.

Sara Hajimohammadi

I am Sara hajimohammadi. I am one of the capable and active students in Swinburne university. I am doing master of engineering science and have 2 relevant work experience related to my field. In other words, I have done 2 paid internships in two semester holidays in 2 well known companies located in Melbourne.At June I am graduating and will be exactly 2 years that I have been in Australia. I have got other certificates in different areas and even counseling experience. When I arrived Australia I wasn't in a good health condition spiritually so I started using counseling services in university .Now I have become totally well and can council students and all group of people. I am going to hold a free workshop for People who are under medication and help them to choose medication not think that it's an obligatory thing.
I have lots of experiences and love to help people and be helpful. Because I believe that if I can do any positive change in people's lifestyle why I don't.
Overall,if I be selected,I will make a change.

Gareth Jones

I served in the Australian Regular Army reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant i also was a past President oif the Albury Base Hospital Auxiliary fundraising for vital equipment needed in the hospital and I also am the Secretary of the Albury War Widows arranging their social events. I believe that i can bring to the council a stable mind that has a background in and accredited in Drug and Alcohol, HR, Food Inspection,TQM, Stores Accounting, Warehousing and Logistics.

Adnan Islam

Hello Swinburne Students,

I’m Adnan Islam, a third year student of a 4-year double bachelor degree (Bachelor of BIS/Bachelor of Accounting) at Swinburne.

I am running for the position of Swinburne Student Council Member 2016.

I am currently an elected SSAA Student Board Member and Deputy Chair of Swinburne Student Representative Council (SRC). I have been working as a student representative since late 2014. Last year, I was an Undergraduate Student Rep of FBL and also involved with SRC. All of my previous and existing roles has helped me to develop and nurture my student representation, leadership and volunteering skills and educated me about how to deal with student issues and represent to relevant bodies. I believe it will be a great support for me in the University Council.

If I get elected I will work on students’ best interest and represent student issues in council for better outcome. Mainly, I will focus on increasing number of student facilities in campus as well will emphasis on academic matters. So, I would like to request you to vote me and give me a chance so that I can work for you.

So, vote ADNAN for 2016 University Council Election!

Enia Veronica Casas Hernandez

I am very interested in becoming a Council member because I am sure that my goals like a student in Swinburne University and my behaviours fit perfect with the goals of the university, and as a Council member I could help in the achievement of them.
Also, I think that when you want to do something, the first is feel a deep desire to make that, and I have that feeling in myself. I am really sure that If I reach my dream about becoming a Concil member I can make all my best in the activities and responsabilities related to this important position, because I have the skills and in the other hand, I have the academic tools that I have been learning from Swinburne University.
However, I do not think that becoming a Council member only can help me in a personal and profesional way, I think that can help others, for example the students of the university, because after every event I want to share my experiences with them and the things that I learned. Also, it could be good to invite more people to get interested to participate in future vacancies as Councils members to help

Maria Price

I would like to be considered and to make a contribution as a part time student from the Swinburne Online community with a registered medical disability.

I have a background in Federal Law Enforcement (Customs Officer) for over eight years, followed by working in an executive administrative roles in a not for profit organisations and in education for over seven years.

Liying Wang

I'm Liying, I'm 20 years old. I studied primary school in China for 5 and half years. Then I moved to Australia to finish my primary school. After graduate at the primary school, I went to studied at Glen Waverley school and high school, after that I moved to Auburn High School and finally I graduate there. Now I'm trying to find a part time job, obviously I didn't find one that was suitable to me. But I will keep going to reach my goal.

Amy Gilderdale

Bachelor of Social Science (Security and Counter Terrorism)

• International and Australian politics
• Counter terrorism
• Chinese mandarin language
• Psychology
• Sociology

2014-current Student representative on Swin chaplaincy committee

. purpose for the committee (It is a legal body) is to reflect the cultural and religious values of students at the University, and to help funding going for our Chaplains. .
As a student rep. i could suggest ideas to further ensure students views and values were reflected.

2013 – Current Student Amenities Association & O’Host Volunteer
Swinburne University

• Coordinate campus tours for new students and answer student enquiries
• Making new international students feel welcome
• Assist in running of University online blackboard system sessions to teach new students how to navigate their units.
• Be a directional O’host walking around campus assisting lost students.

•Earned a ‘Vice Chancellor Leadership award’ for completing 41 hours of volunteering. Students who received this award demonstrated reliability, team work, problem solving and effective communication.
• I helped direct 200 students by myself so that new Swinburne college students knew where they were going to their next session
• Received a ‘certificate of appreciation for O’hosting and SSAA

Tatjana Zuklic

My name is Tatjana Zuklic and I am current Swinburne ‘on line’ student, studying Master of Technology (Business Systems). I hold Bachelor of Music degree from Conservatorium of Music, University of Zagreb and through the Vocational system I hold Certificate IV in Small Business Management, Diploma of Purchasing and Diploma of Logistics. I am highly passionate about learning and education, and enhancing not only my, but also educational experiences of other students. As ‘on line’ students’ learning needs vary from our ‘on campus’ colleagues it is this alternative learning program I would like to see contributing to the discussions of the University Council. With my teaching experience and more than 20 years working for various domestic and international companies I believe I have the skills and quality to fulfill the requirements of this position, and I believe I would bring knowledge and commitment to this important role. I would be honoured to serve as a Student Council Member at Swinburne University of Technology Council and would make sure to uphold the University motto ‘Achievement through learning’.

Claudio Cantavenera

To promote a professional environment that allow student develop a better sense of future career.
To ensure that theory and practice are in sink with market needs..
To work more closely with businesses to promote a symbiosis that allow students and business be rewarded
Work closely with government bodies t to assist them in the modelling of new professional assist Australia in the new modern economy to come.
To promote a healthy integration of international students at all levels
Work with international government to promote the benefits and prestige obtained after studying in Australia and Swinburne
To facilitate to local business, programs for enhancing professional skills of work force after 40 years old by returning them to study.
Promote an environment of more stydent participation in community projects.

Luke Bayliss

I wish to join the council to continue to ensure that students at Swinburne University of Technology are fairly represented with their best interests put forward and followed. I will ensure students needs are met & explore any solutions to unmet needs. I will do my best to benefit the students & the University.

Jian Sun

I am an enthusiatic person, always willing to help others. I am responsbile for the works and have a spirit of coorperation.

Jessy Olech

I am currently a student of Politics and Public Policy. I am in my third year and I am ready to pursue a leadership role at the University. I want to challenge not only myself, but my University to be better. To be more competent in all facets. I am a considerate speaker and a keen listener, I like to provoke thoughtful conversation. I wish to improve and build upon my leadership abilities, and believe that through my studies and time at Swinburne, I believe I will be able to implement positive changes to this University.

Fabian Wyrsch

Thank you for taking the time to read my pitch. My name is Fabian and I am currently studying a degree in computer science (cyber security/network design).

My thoughts of academic life is that each student should be able to reach their goals when they have set the course, invested their time and sacrificed parts of their life to achieve them,

Besides being a student at Swinburne i am also a practicing network engineer and Cisco instructor in the Tafe sector, i understand the trials and tribulations each student must overcome and what support is needed to help obtain them.

I am sure many students would either be working or be under similar commitments that might restrict them from coming into workshops or tutorials and missing those vital classes.they would rather not...

From my unique aspect of experience in teaching and learning i believe i would be able to bring forth proven methods of support for different types of learning that would provide greater emphasis on student interaction, distance learning and flexibility.

I feel Swinburne University is a great place for learning and i would like to contribute my time towards making it greater.

Thank you for consideration.

Fabian Wyrsch