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BigPulse operates at the leading edge of democracy technology. The company was founded by risk engineer, Ralph McKay. He has led the BigPulse R&D effort continuously since January 2000. Ralph McKay takes a strong personal interest in all aspects of security and risk management, particularly risks that impact BigPulse’s clients. Our company culture cultivates a meticulous attitude toward all aspects of security and risk management. BigPulse has pioneered numerous vote security innovations.

BigPulse specializes in high security online elections. We are an international group with bases in the Australia, Canada, UK, Spain, and USA. With approximately 1,000 clients in 35 countries, our technology supports 17 different languages and excels in complex, high-security elections. Our clients often comment on the outstanding flexibility and performance of the BigPulse technology and the knowledge and responsiveness of experienced election managers.

Our intensive ongoing investment in R&D has produced many voting technology innovations. The most feature-rich voting technology created. The first, and perhaps still the only, online voting technology to fully integrate management of secure online elections, nomination polls and elector comment polls. The technology also covers high security surveys and interactive Opinion Markets.

Our team is creative, loyal and meticulous about professionalism, security and integrity. All BigPulse engineers are permanent, mostly long term, in-house, full-time employees of BigPulse.

Past projects include the Student Virtual Parliament which engaged students from hundreds of schools in many countries. Another is the Dome of Conscience project www.domevote.com launched in two parliaments in 2002. This was an attempt to get lawmakers voting transparently – creating a live scoreboard of issues before the world's parliaments and national assemblies. The DOME was active for eight years.

BigPulse is independent. The company and key people involved have no political affiliations or interests that could compromise the independence or integrity of its activities.


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