Letter to Candidates

The Candidates' DOME of Conscience is a voting forum just for candidates but visible to the public. It shows which candidates and parties respond best when invited to express their big issues and opinions concisely in a transparent forum. The public see a live ranking of the big issues and opinions as voted by the candidates and the parties. The number of parties and candidates participating is a measure of the strength of our democracy.

The DOME demonstrates that the Parliament has the technology now to make it transparent and connected to the people. If 150 candidates can vote in the DOME within a week of launch why not 226 parliamentarians voting in the DOME every week? In the transparent DOME every candidate or parliamentarian has equal control over the voting agenda and the means to vote on any issue at any time.

A big vote in the DOME is a vote for a transparent Parliament connected to the people.

Ralph McKay
Founder – DOME of Conscience
+612 9918 4270