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Exceptional record in delivering secure, failsafe online elections and high profile award votes.

Vote of confidence

  • Sixteen years dedicated online voting experience
  • Continuous inhouse development
  • Stress tested by a thousand clients in 35 countries
  • Over 12 million online votes harvested
  • Over 30,000 polling events, 100,000 high security elections and polls
  • Exceptional client satisfaction and testimonials
  • Fantastic 24 hour support – based in USA, UK, Australia.

Election vendor: evaluation check list fundamentals

  • The most rigorous Electronic election vote count verification protocol
  • Unbeatable security and client satisfaction track record
  • The most flexible configuration options
  • Outstanding project management process
  • Manages own HA server system, no virtual servers
  • Automated voter issue processing
  • Nothing outsourced
  • 16 years experience

Flexible, integrated, feature rich online voting

Great price

Online voting – elections and awards

The most feature rich voting technology in the world. BigPulse often satisfies the most complex needs where others fail. Save time, money, effort, paper and trees. More on online elections and awards

Online surveys

HR surveys, 360 surveys, member surveys, customer surveys. More on online surveys

Opinion Markets – the free speech invention

Unleashed, in full power, BigPulse polls work like free-floating Opinion Markets – harvesting opinions and ranking them live continuously. A direct democracy, free speech technology. More on Opinion Market polls

Ariel Liang, Policy Analyst, At-Large end user community at ICAAN – Global regulating body for domain registrations, Washington D.C. said,

"We have conducted more than 500 polls (since 2007). BigPulse has impressed us with its thoroughness and sophistication," July 2015.
Dan Monteleone, A.S. assistant director of elections, California State University, Northridge, California. said,

"We’ve tried various online systems over the years. None of them were successful, until we began using BigPulse in Fall 2009."
Christine Bower, Passport Scheme Administrator, British Olympic Association said,

"This was our first on-line vote and BigPulse helped make it easy for us with their advice, support and flexibility. The Feedback from our voters was that the site was quick and easy to use."
An IT project manager voting in the PMI IT & Telecom SIG annual board elections said,

"Absolutely flawless implementation of a complex process in all respects. Easy to use and totally understandable.

It was simplicity defined. Whoever set this up really knew what they were doing.

My hat is off to you guys."

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